Tallink Grupp increases community support across key markets in 2023

Tallink Grupp is strengthening its community support activities across the company’s key markets of Estonia, Finland and Sweden in 2023. The company’s community support has ranged from supporting schools, kindergartens, children’s homes and hospitals, community sports and cultural events, to environmental projects, voluntary rescue associations and so much more. In 2023 and for the next few years, the company plans to focus its community activities across the group and its key markets on organisations that help and support families and children, volunteers providing emergency assistance on the Baltic sea, protect the Baltic sea and provide maritime education in the Baltic sea region.

„The number of organisations and projects that turn to us for support every year is increasing year on year, so we have to have a clear understanding of who we work with and why we work with them,“ explains Tallink Grupp’s Communications Director and Sustainability Lead Katri Link. „We are increasingly looking to have more focus in our community work and we look to work with and partner with organisations and activities that have a logical connection to who we are as a business and what we do. Tallink is a maritime organisation operating on and around the Baltic sea, so it makes perfect sense for us to work with organisations like the John Nurminen Foundation, who’s mission is to protect the Baltic sea. It similarly makes sense to support maritime education as we heavily depend on the quality of this eduction to provide for us our future colleagues, and supporting voluntary rescue on the Baltic sea is also very closely linked to our business and something we have supported for many years before.“

„And then of course families and children, some of the key customers on our vessels and in our hotels and restaurants. Our goal here is to keep supporting children’s and families’ organisations through providing children with lasting memories and experiences with us, and through maritime safety education, so no child would lose their life because of poor safety skills in the future,“ Link added.

Tallink has signed new cooperation agreements this year with the John Nurminen Foundation in Finland to protect the Baltic sea, with Min Stora Dag (My Big Day) in Sweden to provide kids with serious illnesses positive experiences, and is in the process of agreeing cooperation activities and support with Stockholm Search and Rescue and Helsinki Search and Rescue teams with the aim of improving children’s skills for dealing with accidents and incidents in water.

Tallink already has existing partnerships in Estonia and Finland with Tallinn Search and Rescue, Minu Unistuste Päev (My Dream Day), Kummit (Association of Friends of the University Children's Hospitals) and Hope ry.

„Since February 2022, Tallink has participated in a number of projects and organised many collections and activities to support Ukraine and displaced Ukrainians in our countries and we will continue this support as long as it is needed. However, we now also want to ensure that we again give the same level of attention to the communities and children in Estonia, Finland and Sweden.

In addition to the community support highlighted in this release, Tallink continues to be a partner and headline sponsor of sports, culture and many key organisations and events in Estonia, Finland and Sweden.




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