Wonderful Souvenir from Latvia - Handmade Dolls in Ethnic Costume

In the heart of Old Town Riga, opposite the "Rokkafejnīca" Club on bustling Audēju Street, now open is master dollmaker Ieva Dāboliņa’s dream come true, her very own boutique ("Latvju  lietas").

Affection for everything “Latvian and ethnographic” Daboliņa has felt since early childhood. The dream of making dolls that accurately reflect Latvian traditions and taste has come true. The enterprise "Latvju lietas" came to be four years ago, and the dolls manufactured there have earned accolades and awards in a number of design competitions.

"Through the centuries, color variety and combinations, an exquisite sense of the esthetic, and the employ of natural products, is an eternal source of inspiration in our work.

An innovative approach, technology of our own design, and the handiwork of several masters give each and every item increased added value,” as Dāboliņa proudly explains.

"Baiba", "Laimdota", "Ieviņa", "Jancis"... Each ethnographic/souvenir doll has its own personality and special appeal. “Baiba” has a special place among her counterparts. Back in Soviet times, “Baiba” was expensive, and made according to the traditions of that era, now - “she is as befits a Latvian girl growing up in a free country.” 32 cm tall, and dressed in a Latvian folk costume that is as close to the original as possible. “Baiba” is clothed with loving care, with obvious respect for ethnographic authenticity - just look at her silver brooch, linen blouse, crocheted bloomers, lace-patterned socks, and much more.   

“Baiba” and the other dolls are the brilliant work of many masters as even the most minute detail is precise and perfect. The shop itself is “Latvian” in atmosphere - lilting folk songs resound as background, the pleasant aroma of herbal tea and gingerbread cookies fills the air. Moreover, customers have the opportunity to observe the dolls “in the works.” In this workshop, the collective weaves, sews, crochets, irons, ties, molds, and much more. Also retailed here - the magnificent woolen mittens of traditional and original design, woolen socks, hats, belts, linen tablecloths, amber, items of wood and metal.

The sense of style and beauty distinctly Latvian, valuable insight into this ethnic group, can be found at "Latvju lietas".

More information at: www.latvjulietas.lv




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