Estonian top restaurants celebrate beef month in October

Beef month will begin in October, in 44 top restaurants all over Estonia – exciting meals will be made from different types of beef, accompanied with a suitable wine.

The programme was launched by Flavours of Estonia (Eesti Maitsed). For beef month, each restaurant will partner with a different wine house. The meals have to fit together with the wines offered by the wine house.

Beef menues will be available throughout October in the following 44 restaurants all over Estonia:
Aed (Tallinn), Antonius (Tartu), Atlantis (Tartu), Bordoo (Tallinn), Cafe Lyon (Tallinn), Cru (Tallinn), Diip (Tallinn), Enzo (Tallinn), Fellin (Viljandi), GMP Pühajärve Restoran (Pühajärve), Hapsal Dietrich (Haapsalu), Hermitage (Tallinn), Hetk (Tallinn), Horisont (Tallinn), DOM (Tallinn), Kadri (Tallinn), Kaerajaan (Tallinn), Köleri 2 (Tallinn), Leib Resto&Aed (Tallinn), Lusikas (Tallinn), Manna La Roosa (Tallinn), MEKK (Tallinn), MC Grill (Tallinn), Meat Market (Tartu), MerMer (Kolga-Aabla), Mix (Tallinn), Mooste Viinavabrik (Mooste), Mr Jakob (Otepää), No99 (Tallinn), OKO (Kaberneeme), Piparmünt (Pärnu), Platz (Tallinn), Polpo (Tartu), Rae (Tallinn), Ribe (Tallinn), Salt (Tallinn), Senso (Tallinn), Sesoon (Tallinn), Sfäär (Tallinn), Truffe (Tallinn), Umami (Tallinn), Villa Mary (Viimsi), Werner (Tartu), Wicca (Laulasmaa).

Restaurants Alexander (Tallinn), Noa (Viimsi) and Moon (Tallinn) will be organising special events.



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