Jurmala City Council invites to the opening of the exhibition «Resort Fashion»

Exhibition „Resort fashion”

On August 21 Jurmala City Council invites to the opening of the exhibition „Resort Fashion”. The beginning of a resort fashion can be found in the end of 18th Century on the beaches of England and France. With the development of the resorts and changes in the lifestyle and traditions, a necessity of a light and sport clothes became steady. The first collections of resort summer clothes were designed by Jean Patou, Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli in 1920-ies. Latvian resort fashion developed in the context of the European fashion trends up to the end of the World War II. Communictic ideology and soviet planning economic took the control over almost all spheres of life including daily routine and fashion, however basic fashion tendences had much in common with Europe.

Clothes are loudspeaking historical artefacts. They tell not only about the personality and taste of their master, but also about the time – idejas, events, prejudice and achievements.

Exhibition „Resort fashion” introduces with clothes and accessorizes on the resorts from the end of 19th century till 1990ies. The exhibition is supported by Jurmala City Council and personnaly by Aigars Tampe. The author of the exhibition is Inga Sarma.




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