Two star attractions opened in Tallinn

Tallinn now boasts two exciting experience centres for the entire family, both housed in unique buildings – the giant seaplane hangars at the Maritime Museum and the Tallinn TV Tower, the tallest building in the country.

Seaplane Harbour

The Seaplane Harbour is one of Europe’s newest and most exciting maritime museums, with several hundred life-size exhibits on display, with the Lembit submarine, a Short 184 seaplane and the steamer-icebreaker Suur Tõll chief among them. The museum is situated in unique seaplane hangars built in 1916-1917, whose reinforced concrete shell domes were once the world’s biggest.

Exciting features include a flight simulator, basin for floating ships, yellow-submarine cinema and a machine gun simulator; visitors can also try on sailors’ garments, enter the Lembit to see what life under water was like, and climb up a steep, wave-shaped bridge. The exhibit introduces the history of seaplane flight and 20th century advances in marine technology.

Starting May 12, the museum is open every day from 10am-7pm, and on public holidays from 11am-5pm. The outdoor area of the Seaplane Harbour is open to pedestrians until 10pm in the summer season.

The Seaplane Harbour is just a 20-minute walk from Town Hall Square toward the sea.

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Tallinn TV Tower

The TV Tower is the tallest building in Estonia at 314 m. The view from the top is unique in Estonia and all of northern Europe – taking in an attractive coastline, the medieval Old Town of Tallinn and even the lights of Helsinki in good weather in the evenings.

The Tower’s multimedia exhibition is the fastest way to get an overview of the top achievements in Estonian history and Tallinn, with plenty of activities for the whole family – here you can produce a TV news clip, watch a fun 3D film, walk on a glass floor 170m above the ground, defy the wind at an outdoor terrace on the same level and enjoy good food in the cafe. The exhibition’s multimedia screens present around 20 extraordinary inventions or phenomena that originate in Estonia.

The TV Tower is open in the summer season (from May to September) every day from 10am to 7pm and in the winter season from Wednesday to Monday from 11am to 6pm (closed to the general public on Tuesdays). The cafe is open until 11pm and hosts live jazz.

The TV Tower is 10 km from the city centre. It can easily be reached on the CityTour Green line tour buses (departing from Viru Keskus shopping centre).

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