A Hike is Taking Place at Papes National Park

In May, 8th everybody who enjoys healthy and active recreation at nature will be able to go hiking accompanied by experienced guides. All together you are welcome to take a hike through unique places of Papes national park. This opportunity is offered by Pūķarags camping located at the territory of the national park.

Nature recreation fans can choose any of two routes: more experienced ones will be able to go on 26km long ‘great walking’ around Papes lake; those, who suppose such hike would be a too long one, will be able to go on a shorter route – 9km long distance along ‘made-by-nature paths’.

Both routes are unique in their own manner and they don’t look similar to each other. You will enjoy viewing astonishing landscapes while walking around Papes lake. The route goes through a great variety of flora – pine and fir woods, flood-plain meadows and polder of Papes lake as well as Paupuri and Liguli rivers which fall into Papes lake. Besides unique landscapes, the hiking participants will meet the inhabitants of the national park – wild horses, bulls and, if you have luck, amazing bisons. During the trip the participants will also see the bird and nest observation towers at the lakeside, saint hollow and Ezerskola sacrifice stone as well as ornithological station and lighthouse. Those who choose this route will have to think properly about the most appropriate boots, because some of nature paths are wet in spring.

In its turn, the distance of ‘made-by-nature paths’, the shorter route, goes through Konyu village, where you will be able to visit ‘Vītolnieki’ museum or observation tower. A beautiful landscape is viewed from this tower to Nidas swamp and the place, where the swamp borders the sea. The return goes along the seaside and sand-dunes.

Everybody who loves recreation at nature is welcomed to meet in Pūķasrags camping in May, 8th at 8:30 a.m. At 9:00 a.m. both routes will be described by instructors in details, and at 9:00 a.m. the participants will start hiking. Please take into consideration that the whole route will take about 10 hours so you are recommended to take along yourself some food and coffee.





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