Visit the museums in Ignalina

May 18 is International Museum Day. We invite you to visit the museums in the kingdom of Lithuanian lakes - the Ignalina region!

Ignalina Regional Museum

The main museum of Ignalina district is the Ignalina Regional Museum in Ignalina town. Visitors are invited to view the historical and ethnographic exhibits and documents of this region. The activities of the museum cover various fields - culture, science, education, researches, art, recreation and leisure. In the space on the first floor, visitors can visit a historical exposition, and on the second floor – a gallery where you can get inspiration to create, get to know and admire the works of other people. Art exhibitions, unique collections and exhibits brought from other museums, and cultural events are held here. In the space of educational activities, in the form of informal education, everyone can become a creator, researcher and discoverer. At the shop located in the lobby you can buy the works of entrepreneurs, folk artists, craftsmen and artists from the Ignalina region.

Come and visit the place where the present meets our past!

Address: Ateities str. 43, 30119 Ignalina, Lithuania

Museum in paradise

In the northern part of the Ignalina district, near the town of Dūkštas (30 km from the Latvian-Lithuanian border at Daugavpils), there is a small village with an intriguing name - Rojus (which means Paradise in Lithuanian). Not only the name of this village is interesting, but also its history. In 1890 it was founded by Adam Hrebnicki, a famous professor of that time, fruit tree researcher and creator of new varieties. Until then, the area belonged to the scientist's father-in-law and was called Velnynė (the place where the devils live) - because it was hilly, stony and not suitable for agriculture. The professor decided that it would be perfect for his flourishing and blooming garden, which would be like a true Paradise on earth. Soon, he planted a huge garden on an area of 14 hectares, which contained more than 1000 fruit trees - various varieties of apples, pears, cherries, plums and others.

The professor lived in paradise until his death. in 1961 prof. A memorial museum dedicated to him was established in A. Hrebnicki's estate. The museum exhibits the professor's most famous scientific works and manuscripts, personal photos, fruit and berry models, his personal belongings and written letters in the authentic office of the professor. The central space of the museum is decorated with stained glass windows with the image of the professor. His daughter Marija's room displays her paintings. Educational activities are also held in this museum. There are two ponds on the territory of the museum, the manor park is a great place for those who want to spend their free time quietly surrounded by beautiful nature.

Address: Rojus, 30265 Ignalinos r. sav., Lithuania

The beekeeping museum is unique in Lithuania

In the Aukštaitija National Park, on the edge of the Minčia forest, in the old village of Stripeikiai in the Ignalina district, a unique Beekeeping Museum awaits visitors from May to late autumn. The museum's homestead and the outdoor exhibition are located on two picturesque hills, which are divided and connected by a bridge by the rapid Tauragna stream. You can spend a whole day walking around the well-kept 4 ha area, viewing the expositions. Six buildings of the museum are equipped with modern interactive expositions about bees and beekeeping from ancient times. There is a lot of video material, voiced texts in English, Russian, German, and interesting games for children. Bee Day is celebrated every year in May. In July, the museum invites you to the linden blossoming festival, and on the 15th of August, a big and beautiful celebration of the end of honeu accumulation period is held here, which attracts many people. The museum offers 13 educations, from candle-making to aroma therapy. It also has its own apiary, where peaceful, noble bees live. Here are also the hives of Lithuanian presidents Valdas Adamkaus, Dalia Grybauskaitė, and Gitanas Nausėda.

On the slope of the hill, where the ancient beehives are located, everyone who comes is greeted by a sculpture of the Lithuanian god of bees, Babilas. Next you can see the sculptures of the gods who patronized the bees and beekeepers in other nations mythology. On the second hill, there are fun offers for families - swings, beehive-shaped sandboxes, hammocks, a gazebo for conversations and meditations, a cafe. In the summer of 2023, the museum was decorated with new wooden sculptures, which also hide fun kinetic elements and tell interesting stories about the history of bees in five languages (Lithuanian, English, German, Polish and Latvian).

Address: Stripeikiai, 30220, Ignalinos r. sav., Lithuania

In a unique nature museum - the Big Five of Africa

In Ignalina district, in the old village of Ažvinčiai, surrounded by forests, since 2020 the Nature Museum is open for visitors. It was established in the private homestead of hunter, traveler, photographer Valdas Danilevičius, in a new building specially adapted for this purpose. Several hundred impressive trophies from all over the world are exhibited here, from the smallest to the most impressive. This is also the Big Five of Africa hunted by Valdas himself - the five animals that are the most difficult to hunt for a hunter on foot - lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros, buffalo, as well as many species of antelope, Russian and European forest animals, even a giraffe. It can be said that the museum reflects the most important hobby and source of livelihood of the homesteader - organizing trophy hunts. Valdas and his wife Skirmantė, who started building in the open field more than ten years ago, now enjoy a real oasis of relaxation and beauty with their own tourist village, wide green meadows, ponds, and a 12 ha oak park.

Address: Ažvintės g. 22, Ažvinčiai, Ignalinos r. sav.

Your guide in Ignalina district – Ignalina Tourism Information Center,



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