Exclusive opportunity for events on board Tall Ship Races ships in Tallinn

Tallinn will host the Tall Ships Races regatta from July 11th to 14th. It is Europe’s largest and longest-standing regatta of sail training vessels, bringing over 50 large sailing ships from 20 to 30 different countries worldwide to three ports in Tallinn. The grand and extraordinary maritime celebration will take place at Seaplane Harbour, Noblessneri Port, and Old City Harbour, offering plenty of excitement and activities both at sea and on land.

During the Tall Ships Races 2024 in Tallinn, the arrival of large sailing ships creates a special atmosphere that you simply must experience. The sailing ships will be in Tallinn from July 11th to 14th, during which various events can be organized on board the vessels, both dockside and at sea. This is a rare opportunity because fleets of this caliber visit Estonia only once every ten years.

Opportunities for events:

Concert dinners
Team-building events
Appreciation events
Themed parties (e.g., Spanish rhythms on a grand Spanish sailing ship)
Other special events according to your preference

Sailing ships can accommodate an average of 50-100 guests (up to 200 on the largest ships). The facilities and capacity of the ships vary, and the event can take place on outdoor decks or indoors, dockside or sailing in the waters of Tallinn Bay. We can already work together to determine the suitable ship and event concept.

If interested, please contact Triinu Trahv at [email protected]



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