Tallink Silja Line to make a donation from each captain’s chocolate sold in 2024 to John Nurminen Foundation for Baltic Sea protection projects

Tallink Grupp has recently signed a new cooperation agreement for 2024 with Finnish non-profit organisation John Nurminen Foundation, the primary purpose of which is to protect the Baltic Sea.

Tallink Grupp’s travel retail subsidiary Tallink Duty Free is in its second year of partnering with the foundation, making donations from products sold on board the shipping company’s vessels to help fund Baltic Sea protection projects.

In 2023 the company donated a total of EUR 20,000 to the charity from the sale of Tallink Silja Line branded water bottles on board the ships throughout the year. In 2024, the cooperations has taken a sweeter turn and Tallink Silja Line customers can support Baltic Sea protection by purchasing Captain’s chocolates from the company’s vessel shops, as the company will be making a EUR 0.20 donation from each chocolate bar sold during the year.

The funds donated last year, and this year will be used by the foundation to run projects aiming to reduce the phosphorus load from agriculture in the Baltic Sea region, aim to enhance water protection in peatland forests, protect marine nature, reduce the release of harmful chemicals and fertilisers into the sea, and remove nutrients from the sea.

Commenting on the cooperation and the common goal of protecting the Baltic Sea, Head of Tallink Duty Free, Aimar Pärna said:
“The Baltic Sea and its protection is of crucial importance to Tallink Grupp as a whole as our core business and bulk of our operations as a shipping company depend on the long-term health and survival of our beloved sea and everything in, above and around it. We are pleased to partner with an organisation whose key goal and function is similar to ours, which is protecting our sea and ensuring its sustainability with specific action and projects delivering tangible results. Our customers can continue to help us make a difference as their chocolate- buying habits will directly feed the donations to the foundation.”

“With the support of our partners, we can continue our important work for saving the Baltic Sea. In 2024, we will focus on working on the biggest problems facing the se: reducing eutrophication and harmful substances. This cooperation with Tallink Silja Line will also help us to raise awareness of the state of the sea and interest in protecting it,” Erkki Salo, Head of Fundraising at John Nurminen Foundation added.

Although Tallink Duty Free has been making donations from goods sold at the company’s on board shops since 2003, the cooperation between Tallink Grupp and John Nurminen Foundation extends over many more years and together the two organisations have worked on numerous projects to protect the Baltic Sea already.



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