Beautiful Skrunda manor - a sight of Kurzeme, which is a must-see for everyone

Beautiful Skrunda manor - a sight of Kurzeme, which is a must-see for everyone
Have you ever dreamed of escaping the daily rush and bustle and experiencing something truly special? Then Skrunda manor in Kurzeme is perfect holiday destination for you! This elegant hotel offers its visitors an oasis of peace and tranquility. While at Skrunda Manor, you can get to know the local surroundings by going on a bike ride or taking walking tour, then return to your comfortable room, where every detail is carefully designed to make your stay unforgettable. The exquisite menu provided by Skrunda manor restaurant, relaxing SPA treatments available on request, as well as the beautiful surroundings and proximity of the Venta river are the reasons why many consider Skrunda manor to be one of the most popular holiday destinations in Latvia.

History of the Skrunda manor to the present day
The manor house of Skrunda, or as it is called in the chronicles by the local themselves – the castle, is located on the bank of the Venta River. The building was built in the 19th century, in the style of classicism, it is characterized by simplicity, but at the same time – include such architectural features of the 19th century as façade columns, six-pane windows on the lower floor and four-pane windows on the upper floors, giving the building a proportionally sophisticated historical heritage. The construction of the manor house was started at the time when it was managed by Count Gustav von Lamsdorf, who had come to Latvia from St. Petersburg to enjoy old age in a picturesque corner of nature. A peculiar detail of history is that the Manor of Skrunda has never belonged to any baron - it has always been the property of the state, which in each period of time has been managed by a particular renter of the land.

Skrunda Manor is equated in literature with a miniature copy of Mezotne Castle, because many similarities can be seen in the architecture of both buildings - for example, the second floor of Mežotne Castle is identical in shape to the premises of the main floor of Skrunda Manor. According to architects and historical researchers, Skrunda manor marks the last ray of the sunset of classicism in the history of Latvian architecture.

Over the years, the manor has been rebuilt, as at various times it has also served as a school, hospital, and has had other public functions. The manor was affected by the First World War, when Venta was the border where the Russian army tried to stop the German attack. Since 1931, the manor has fulfilled the school's mission for more than 30 years to come – and even after the new high school opened in Skrunda in 1968, the manor was home to children who lived in distant villages but went to Skrunda to study.

From 1998, the manor was in a state of emergency, and in 2006 the Skrunda City Council decided to put it up for auction. Thus, the manor regained its second breath – because the winner of the auction, co-owners of SIA Anderson Baltic Arvis Steinbergs and Ligita Steinberga undertook to carry out the reconstruction of Skrunda manor within 5 years, preserving this historical heritage as an adornment of Kurzeme.


Photo. Arvis Šteinbergs and skrunda manor archives

Manor today
Skrunda Manor is a four-star hotel that welcomes guests in its 17 well-equipped rooms (12 rooms - in the manor building, and 5 - in the SPA building). Standard double rooms, as well as Superior Class room, Family room and Suite rooms are available for guests to enjoy. The hotel has received the internationally recognized 4-star Superior certificate from Hotelstars Union, which confirms compliance with the standards of the highest class. Each hotel room is designed according to an individual design, and the room equipment is selected in such a way as to be functional and convenient for different types of guests For easier access, an elevator has been built in the historic building.

Skrunda manor has available rooms for banquets and conferences - smaller and larger halls, which together can accommodate up to 200 guests. The projector and sound systems are available, providing the necessary equipment for the seminar or courses. At your discretion, coffee breaks and a lunch menu are offered. There is an opportunity to receive a discount for participants of the event, if the overnight stay in the hotel takes place on weekdays.


Photo. Arvis Steinbergs and skrunda manor archives

Treat your taste buds
Skrunda Manor restaurant serves both individual guests and larger events. It is not for nothing that the manor is visited by guests living closer and further away - our restaurant is recognized as one of the best outside Riga. This success is based on cooperation with chefs known in Latvia, as well as products grown by local farmers, which will allow you to enjoy modern variations of dishes of traditional Latvian cuisine. Everyone is invited to enjoy a delicious lunch or an exquisite dinner in a peaceful atmosphere. Children will love an entertainment corner where it is interesting to spend time while parents enjoy their rest. We kindly ask you to make a reservation before arriving so that we are ready to welcome guests with the highest level of comfort.

Manor for your celebrations
The manor will definitely be a suitable place to hold wedding celebrations in a warm and hospitable atmosphere. It is possible to accommodate up to 120 guests, offering restaurant premises, banquet hall and professional service. Everything you need can be found here - food, a place to stay, entertainment and attractions so that the newlyweds and guests can enjoy their special day. Other festivities and social events - such as graduation, anniversary, team building or other social event will also work out perfectly by choosing Skrunda manor.


  Photo. Arvis Šteinbergs and skrunda manor archives

SPA and connection with nature
If you are looking to relax after a long working week, then the manor SPA will be an ideal place to regain your strength, in addition to spending the night in one of the rooms. The SPA is located in a separate building to provide guests with peace and quiet, and ideally fits into the spatial plan. The offer is based on wellness traditions, a visit to the SPA is booked individually, and usually lasts 2 hours.

The SPA pool quenches at any time of the year and fills the body with new forces. The hot tub will restore muscle tone and skin firmness and sauna will improve well-being and mood in general.

The manor is surrounded by a fabulous park to go for a walk and to see the oaks that were planted more than a hundred years ago. Take a walk along the bank of the Venta River to breathe in the fresh river air after SPA procedures. Skrunda manor is beautiful all year round – the proximity of Venta River, supplemented with a tasteful and tidy natural landscape and together with SPA rituals will not disappoint you. Here you will find the tranquility of rural life and the idyll of a small town – where they both intertwine together, creating a pleasant adventure for everyone.

We offer to rent bicycles to turn the walking trail into a fun outing with the family. You are also invited to play football or volleyball. And, of course - minigolf, which is an interesting activity for representatives of all ages. If you want to have a more serious minigolf tournament, please contact us for more information.

Today's technology and historical heritage
During the reconstruction of the manor, the works were carried out by professionally and carefully preserving and highlighting the historical heritage. Also, in order to meet modern functional and energy efficiency requirements, modern technologies have been used in Skrunda manor – such as concrete injections for strengthening the foundation, while the heating of the building has been built using the most environmentally friendly method - a ground heat pump. Arvis Šteinbergs, co-owner of the manor, who led the reconstruction of Skrunda manor for five years, notes that the advanced technologies used at that time today result in sustainable stability of the building and energy-efficient, modern solutions.

The restoration of Skrunda manor is an important contribution to the preservation of Latvia's cultural and historical heritage, and the manor that has regained its beauty today contributes to the development of tourism throughout Kurzeme.

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