Tips for visiting Ventspils with a dog

Four-legged friends have become a big part of our daily lives, soif you want to visit Ventspils where are the best places to visit with your dog? A list of dog-friendly places has been prepared by the Ventspils Tourism Information Center.

You can stay in several hotels in Ventspils with your pets for free or for an additional fee, but before you go, ask the hosts if your hotel allows pets.

One of the best places for walking with your dog in Ventspils is Saulrieta iela and the 10th entrance to the sea. Dog owners already flock to the beach every day, with dozens of paws relaxing on the sand. Walk your dog along the promenade of the South Pier, where you can watch both sunsets and feel strong gusts of wind all year long.

Meanwhile, one of Ventspils' most beautiful parks - Renķa dārzs - is just a short walk from the city center and is perfect for kids, sports fans, and dog walkers. In addition, international dog shows and dog training are regularly held here.

There are several places in Ventspils where dogs can be walked off-leash in specially created dog areas - Saules iela 110A, Brīvības iela 27A and Rindas iela 33 - where dogs can run around in a safe and fenced area. These areas are equipped with benches and trash cans.

Many public areas do not allow pets; therefore, it is sometimes impossible to bring your four-legged friend with you when you go out. However, there are a few locations in Ventspils where you can bring your dog with you. The smallest dogs, however, are given the majority of privileges since they are easier to control.

The Herberts Dorbe Memorial Museum "Dust of Ancestors," the Livonian Order Palace, the House of Crafts, and the Seaside Open-Air Museum are all accessible to well-behaved pets. "Well-behaved pets" are those that know how to act both inside and outside the home, do not endanger guests, and the owner is totally responsible for the dog.

Well-behaved dogs are also allowed in other public areas in Ventspils, including the exhibition halls at the Theatre House “Jūras vārti”, the Adventure Park, International Writers and Translators House, the stadium at the Ventspils Olympic Center, and the VIZIUM Science Centre. Small dogs that can be picked up by their owners are accepted at the Main and Parventa Library, the Planetarium and Observatory of the Ventspils Youth House, and the Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Centre.

If dog owners struggle to leave their pets behind when they travel, Ventspils has you covered at Robežu iela 98. In this hotel, dogs are provided with comfortable and enjoyable living arrangements, including walks in a large yard or in the woods, meals, fresh water, living in a comfortable home without cages, and, if needed, veterinary care for the animal.




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