Discovering Vilnius on Foot

One of the greenest European capitals, and a compact city filled with parks, squares, and hiking trails – Vilnius is extremely friendly to those who enjoy a good walk while keeping track of their step counts. Discovering the city on foot is a special experience that allows you to explore its hidden corners, the roads less travelled, and unique routes. Create your own map of discoveries or use the maps already designed for unforgettable leisurely walks.

Routes prepared in advance

Vilnius offers a multitude of ways to explore the city according to your interests. The Walkable Vilnius lets you choose from more than 20 walking routes designed for all types of explorers, as well as individual places and events offering unique and charming experiences. From true hiking in the picturesque landscapes of the regional parks to the artistic side of Vilnius and its historical landmarks, each route is detailed with a step count, average duration and a great description of what to expect. No need to plan ahead, everything is prepared, all you need to do is walk and enjoy.

Parks in the city

1. Bernardine Garden

Located in the heart of the Old Town, right next to the Cathedral and Gediminas’ Tower, Bernardine Garden is your best choice for a green oasis while exploring the city. Established in 1469 by the Bernardine Monks along Vilnia River, today the garden is a beloved spot among locals. A musical fountain, the botanical exposition, cosy cafes, the oldest oak trees of the Old Town, and fun playgrounds attract those looking to relax and feel like they’re in a resort.

2. Vingis Park

Half the size of Central Park in New York, Vingis Park is a favourite among locals, who enjoy the fresh forest air and the numerous walking trails in any weather. The part of the park along the Neris River is a perfect place for some outdoor fun – bikes, scooters, jogging, group exercises, or simply sitting around on a cafe terrace soaking in the sun. It’s walking distance from Vilnius Old Town, but once you get there it’ll seem like an entirely different world. If you go into a less busy area, you might even be lucky enough to see a deer.

Special routes

1. Neris River Bank

The path following the Neris River is a great way to see the Old Town from a different perspective. Enjoy an open gallery of professional street art, sit down in a cafe on the riverbank, or wave to the people on kayaks and boats passing you by. Don’t forget to look under the bridges; there are contemporary sculptures under each one. It will take you 7,082 steps to walk this route and you’re sure to find some exciting surprises along the way.

2. Vilnius Calvary Way of the Cross

One of the most important pilgrim destinations, this trail dates back to 1772 and marks the journey of Jesus’ suffering. With 35 stations over a distance of seven kilometres (representing the distances covered in the Bible), it is considered to be one of the largest complexes in Europe. Even though it’s an important religious destination for many, the Calvary Way is exceptionally beautiful and worth a visit for its natural beauty and impressive views.

3. Vilnius University’s Botanical Garden in Kairėnai

A place for all romantics to enjoy the colourful blossoms, ride a carriage, attend a concert under the stars, or just sit on one of the 132 benches. If you’re there at the right time of year, there are thematic tours dedicated to the blooming plants. Natural landscapes match well with the perfectly trimmed plant labyrinths, and the hills offer a perfect bird’s-eye view of the park. It’s also home to the first Green Home in Lithuania, a building featuring plant walls and a rooftop garden.

Regional parks

1. Verkiai Regional Park
Verkiai Regional Park is an extensive protected territory in Vilnius that’s home to the impressive 18th century Verkiai Palace complex, its main attraction. The palace park offers the perfect setting to enjoy a coffee with a panoramic view of Vilnius or to learn more about Lithuanian history. If you’re more into nature than architecture, the regional park hides unique green lakes, a hiking trail along the Neris River, and the Way of Cross, often visited by pilgrims from around the world.

2. Pavilniai Regional Park

The most renowned object in this Pavilniai Regional Park is probably the Puckoriai Exposure, the highest geological formation of its kind in Lithuania. Over 20,000 years old, it’s a natural miracle that exposes multiple layers of soil. Visiting the top of the exposure gives you marvellous views of the luscious forests and meadows of the Vilnia River Valley. A view at the magnificent exposure from Belmontas Park will simply take your breath away.

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