Tourism campaign «Discover neighbours in Zemgale!» will take place across the Latvian-Lithuanian border

From the 1st June till 30th September, a tourism campaign "Discover neighbours in Zemgale!" will take place across the Latvian- Lithuanian border.

Fourth year in a row, the municipalities of Bauska, Iecava, Rundāle, Vecumnieki in Latvia and the municipalities of Biržai, Pasvale, Pakroja and Joniškis in Lithuania are organizing a common tourism campaign "Discover neighbors in Zemgale!". The aim of this project is to promote and develop tourism in the regions across the Latvian-Lithuanian border, by creating a common tourism route which would popularise tourism objects, attractions and local businesses.

This year, the campaign will take place from the 1st June till 30th September. All residents of Latvia and Lithuania are invited to participate in the campaign along with their family members and friends! All objects are available outdoors, at any time of the day and there is no entrance fee. In order to receive the stamp, the participant of the campaign must take photos (take a selfie) of at least 16 of the 24 objects presented. You will be able to receive stamps on the printed map at Bauska, Vecumnieki, Biržai, Pasvale, Pakroja, Joniškis Tourism Information Centres by presenting photos (on the phone or camera) where both- the participant and the object are visible! Those, who are pationate about technology can download a mobile application - Kaimini Zemgale, where they can upload the selfies right away whilst at the object or later, as long as the Internet connection is available. By handing in the stamped campaign cards to Bauska, Vecumnieki, Biržai, Pakroja, Pasvale or Joniškis Tourism Information Centress or uploading them in the mobile application until the 5th October, you will be able to compete for one of the prizes: 4 bicycles and 4 electric scooters, as well as 8 gift cards from local businesses.

To promote the campaign, tourism professionals have already created a short amateur video, but in June there will be a professional promotional video including information on how to participate in the campaign, which objects to visit and what the main prises look like. The campaign brochures- maps will be available in the tourism information centres, mentioned above, from the 1st June, but in order to symbolicaly launch the campaign- the project working group will meet at the end of May in a press conference at the Latvian- Lithuanian border.

You can find out more about the objects of the campaign, the across- border tourism offer, current events and actual tourism information on the Facebook page @kaiminizemgale and on the project’s website using this link.




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