Air Lituanica replaces its flight to Amsterdam with a new flight, to Paris

As from 14 February 2014, Air Lituanica will operate a new flight from Vilnius to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, in addition to its direct regular flights to Prague, Munich, Berlin and Brussels. The company estimates that over 25 thousand passengers will be carried to the French capital in the first year of operation. Flight booking opens today, 29 November, with prices starting at 59 EUR.

“Charles de Gaulle Airport is one of the most important airports in the world and the second largest airport in Europe, with over 61.5 million passengers handled in 2012 alone. Up until now, there were no flights from Vilnius to this airport; therefore, we are happy to offer our customers a connection with this so much important aviation centre,” says Erikas Zubrus, Air Lituanica’s CEO.

Air Lituanica adjusted its plans and advanced the starting date for its flights to Paris after the commercial cooperation agreement between Air Lituanica and Estonian Air was terminated on the 28 of November and the flights to Amsterdam were taken over by Estonians. According to Mr Zubrus, Air Lituanica is able to adhere to its operational plan and further extend its geographical coverage.

Flights to Paris will be operated from 14 February to 27 April on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with a 20-minute stop in Prague (no disembarking) and directly to Paris on Sundays. As from 28 April, all flights will be direct, with no stop in Prague. The duration of a non-stop flight will be 2 hours and 45 minutes, or 4 hours for flights with a stop in Prague. The departure from Vilnius is scheduled in the morning so that the passengers will reach the destination just at the start of a working day.

Currently Air Lituanica operates flights from Vilnius to Prague, Munich, Berlin and Brussels with a 86-seat Embraer 175. During the holiday period, Air Lituanica will offer flights from Vilnius and Palanga to London and Dublin, in cooperation with Small Planet Airlines. In spring 2014, the company intends to expand its aircraft fleet.

A reminder for passengers: flights to Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Munich, Prague, London and Dublin can be booked via Air Lituanica ticket sales channels. Passengers who bought tickets to Amsterdam through Air Lituanica sales channels for flights until 12 December, inclusively, will experience no changes. For later flights, passengers will be contacted by Air Lituanica Customer Service Centre to be offered possible alternative options.

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