BalticMiles: Households Lose up to 4 Free Flights a Year

The multi-partner loyalty programme BalticMiles has calculated that households in Latvia potentially lose up to 4 free flights every year that they could earn through their routine spending.

Gabi Kool, Chief Executive Officer of BalticMiles: “Every day we buy milk, bread, books and then we take a taxi, use our credit card for payments, and buy fuel, medicine, clothes, travel, and much more. Smart buyers manage to collect points on every purchase they make in their daily life, and later use these points for valuable rewards – flights, spa visits, restaurants, cinemas, music downloads, waterpark experience, electronic appliances and much more.

If an average household in Latvia collects loyalty points on every purchase they make, they earn up to four free-of-charge flights every year. Households who have not yet started collecting loyalty points thus miss up to four free flights a year.”

In order to help households to better understand and track the potential amount of points they could earn via their daily purchases, BalticMiles has introduced the Point Calculator. The Point Calculator helps to calculate how fast you can earn a free flight by earning points for everyday things like shopping, eating out, travelling, and paying bills.

BalticMiles is the first multi-partner loyalty programme in the Baltic States. It was launched in October 2009. BalticMiles offer various ways of earning points in more than 18,000 places throughout the world – flights, trips, hotel stays, car rentals, restaurants, beauty parlours and spa treatments, health care, telecoms and finance as well as while shopping with more than 400 international brands in the online store of BalticMiles. Afterwards the points earned may be spent on free flight tickets, leisure time activities and adventure, on music downloads or on products chosen from the wide range of more than 3000 different products available on the website BalticMiles programme offers the opportunity to donate points for various charitable causes.

The most convenient way to sign up for the BalticMiles programme is to register at or by filling in the application form at any of the BalticMiles partners.

More information about BalticMiles Point Calculator:




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