Sixt Baltics receives awards

In December 2011 in Berlin Sixt Annual General Convention (Sixt AGC) took place, in which as usual the success of this year was discussed as well as the plans for the worldwide development for 2012 were announced. Next year Sixt is planning to continue the expansion in the North American, Latin American, as well as African and Asian markets. In the framework of meeting the representation of Sixt in Baltic States received a Sixt Group award for the achievements in leasing and marketing.

The turnover of Sixt rent a car in USA, where the company began its operation at the beginning of this year has exceeded the planned amount for this year. Till the end of the year few representation offices will be opened in Latin America and Caribbean islands, but next year Sixt is planning further expansion in African and Asian countries. Till the middle of the coming year, Sixt will be represented in 11 Asian countries.

Sixt has began its work with the new target audiences– the company is an exclusive partner of German film and TV producers, offering qualitative rent a car services to the members of German film and television association. Sixt is able to provide the vehicles for small, medium or big production companies.

The social responsibility programme of Regine Sixt „Drying little tears”, in the framework of which the support is given for the treatment of children suffering from cancer, will be established in all 105 countries, where Sixt is represented. The programme was founded in year 2000 in Munich and is working on voluntary basis.

In Latvia in the framework of the programme for the 5th year running Sixt Leasing in the cooperation with the Children hospital fond is implementing a project „Let’s drive home!” Sixt Leasing provides the transportation of the ill children with the low immunity and who can not use the public transportation from the hospital to their homes. This opportunity is very important for the children and their parents, because many who are living in the further regions, this is the only opportunity to get home during the illness, which can last for many years for some of the patients of Children hospital Onkohematology department.

Regine Sixt: „Next year Sixt will celebrate its 100 year anniversary. It will be celebrated at the next (Sixt AGC) gathering in Munich. The number of countries in which Sixt is represented is continuing to grow. With this Sixt is giving an undoubted signal for the development of the company in the world and the determination of becoming an international company. We will do anything to achieve this goal. By doing this, Sixt will maintain its innovative leadership status and will establish new world standards.”

Representatives of Sixt in Baltic States have received Sixt group awards for the achievements in leasing and marketing. The first place in the marketing category was granted to Sixt in Baltic States for the most successful preparation of printed marketing materials in accordance with the Sixt corporate identity, the first place in leasing on the other hand was awarded to Sixt in the Baltic States for its achievements in the entering leasing deal contracts, high motivation and innovative ideas for the further development.

At the Sixt ACG meeting last year Sixt in the Baltic States received an award for the excellence in starting up the business in 2010, when brand implementation and PR campaigns in all three Baltic countries were evaluated.




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