Star1 Airlines launches regular flights to Ibiza, Palermo and Heraklion

The Lithuanian low-cost carrier Star1 Airlines is launching regular flights to Ibiza (Spain), Palermo (Italy) and Heraklion (Greece). The new summer season destinations are offered for constantly growing number of individual travellers.

“The latest data show that the Lithuanian airports increasingly receive passengers who plan their trips individually. To satisfy their needs, we offer tickets to these well-known vacation destinations thus enabling our clients to individually plan their holidays on the costs of the Mediterranean Sea”, says Martynas Laivys, the head of Star1 Airlines.

Flights to Heraklion, the capital city of Crete will be launched on April 24 and shall be operated until mid October. The Lithuanian travellers can reach Ibiza in June and July and Palermo - in July and August.

Known for its colourful night-life Ibiza is considered to be the capital of celebrations and parties.Holidaymakers can visit numerous clubs and have a wonderful time in merrymaking events throughout the night. In addition to nightlife uproar, Ibiza also offers calm moments on the costs of the sky-blue sea.

Palermo, a capital city of Sicily, is the largest island of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a part of Italy, but has own traditions, rich history and culture like an independent country. In addition to such beautiful cities as Palermo, Syracuse and Catania, tourists can admire the island’s wonderful nature and visit the largest active volcano in Europe Etna.

Heraklion is a city located in the Greek island Crete, close to historic ruins of Knossos castle. Among other activities, tourists from Lithuania are offered to visit one of the antique architecture monuments and get acquainted with glorious history of ancient Crete civilisation.

“Summer is a holiday time. With three new holiday destinations in the Mediterranean area we expand the geography of our flights up to eight cities. In the future, we shall continue adding even more holiday destinations from Lithuania", says Mr. Laivys.




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