Elien SPA: Massage treatments - why should you enjoy them?

The fast pace of the modern world is really demanding – we have to be perfect in career and family, be active and socially responsible citizens, and also – good looking, healthy, energetic and cheerful till the end of life. It's like juggling a lot of balls simultaneously, and in order not to lose the pace, you need to plan not only your work and responsibilities, but also – moments of relaxation, recovery of physical and mental strength.

One of the best ways to restore health and inner peace is an invigorating massage or a relaxing SPA treatment. It will only take an hour or two, but the positive effect will be appreciated already after the first visit.

The healing powers of massage were known as from ancient Greeks and Romans, but Vladimir and Vija – Elien SPA center massage masters with more than 30 years of experience, advise on why massage treatments are sincerely recommended for modern people.

Massage helps to relieve headaches
Headaches are not always a sign of a serious illness; they often occur due to tension of the neck muscles. Nowadays people spend too much time sitting - hours at the computer, reading in an awkward position - all this makes negative impact on spinal health.

It would not be the best idea to take painkillers in this case. Back, neck and shoulder zone massage will help to make the situation better. A hand-guided face massage can also work wonders.

Thai massage helps to regain health and harmony
Thai massage is part of a complex, ancient knowledge-based recovery system. For therapeutic purposes, it is recommended for depression, sleep disturbances, increased fatigue and muscle spasms. It is observed that this massage not only reduces tension, helps to restore harmony and healthy sleep, but also reduces back pain, problems of the genitourinary system, improves blood circulation, gastrointestinal tract, joints and ligaments.

Aromatherapy against stress and tension
Quality of our sleep is essentially important, as it provides us with energy and well-being throughout the day. If your sleep is disturbed or you suffer from insomnia, a massage course will help get rid of it, reduce tension and stress hormone levels in the blood.

A relaxing aroma massage also could be helpful in such cases. The scents of lavender, chamomile, cypress, cedar, neroli and incense essential oil are not only very pleasant, but also provide a great therapeutic effect.

Massage against cellulite and excess weight
Of course, a healthy and balanced diet and a lot of daily exercise and training are crucial on your way to a slim and fit body, but a slimming anti-cellulite massage can also be a great help in this regard. Thanks to intensive muscle heating, anti-cellulite massage technique improves blood microcirculation, activates metabolic processes and lymph flow, as well as accelerates the process of fat cell breakdown. All these processes help to remove excess fluid from the body, increase muscle tone and improve the structure of the skin.

Rejuvenating massage after intense exercise
For active athletes, especially those who run long distances or gain muscle mass in power workouts, sports massage is invaluable - an effective method for strengthening the muscles and preventing various injuries. Depending on which phase of the training cycle the athlete is, one of the three types of sports massage is used - preparation, training or recovery. All three methods are aimed at increasing the efficiency of muscle work, improving the mobility of ligaments and joints.

The special Swedish massage technique, mastered by Elien SPA professionals, has a deep effect on the muscles, improving their flexibility, reducing swelling and fatigue, as well as preventing muscle spasms, stimulating blood circulation and accelerating the recovery period after injuries.

Come to Elien SPA in Old Riga yourself and make sure of the magic effect of the massage, or please someone you love – gift cards are also available at Elien SPA.

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