Probably the Longest Hiking Map in Latvia

The Vidzeme Coastline is an exciting hiking route, offering you to walk along the coastline sand barefoot using the advantages provided by the mobile application, so, you are welcome to plan your holidays in the Exciting Vidzeme!

The Exciting Vidzeme, combining Aloja, Carnikava, Limbaži, Salacgrīva and Saulkrasti municipalities, already traditionally participates in the Balttour Travel Trade Fair, enticing the attendees of the Fair to visit the Vidzeme Coastline.

This year we are offering many novelties. Each of them represents a value in itself and they all complement each other, for example, probably the longest hiking map in Latvia will be a perfect input for the mobile application “Vidzeme Coast” and the 2016 publication of the Vidzeme Coastline map will be especially handy when used together with our mobile guide. This combination of the hiking map and the 2016 publication of the Vidzeme Coastline map, together with the functional map, will let you enjoy a wider range of sightseeing objects over the entire territory.

This time, as it was already started in the Exciting Vidzeme project, we are taking one more step closer to ideal holidays on the coastline and introducing our novelty – probably the longest hiking map in Latvia. We know that you have also dreamt for a long time about hiking along the Exciting Vidzeme coastline, from the Riga / Carnikava border to the Latvian / Estonian border in Ainaži. Despite the snowstorms and sandstorms and the wind blowing your hair northwards or southwards, you just have to conquer the sea border of Latvia!

And now we have prepared a guide to safely accompany you through the dunes, remind you of the closest bus stops, and show you the landmarks – lighthouses, stones, rocks and bridges, lodging and places to eat. All you have to do is pack your backpack and choose the best time to hike, leaving the rest of the details to us. Thanks to our expertise in backpacking and hiking, we have paid special attention to the size of the map and it is reasonably sized - 10*7 cm large when folded, so it comfortably fits in your pocket.

If you can appreciate the advantages provided by your smartphone, we strongly advise downloading the free of charge Exciting Vidzeme mobile guide "Vidzeme Coast" – as the new tourism season opens and during the course of the coastline hike, it will keep you informed regarding the most topical events and sports activities, the best places to eat and, without a doubt, the most amazing sightseeing objects. You are definitely welcome to try out this guide when we meet you at the Balttour Travel Trade Fair.

Passionate fans of printed maps will be offered to take the 2016 publication of the “Vidzeme Coastline” tourist map away with them – the map contains the most topical information about the objects of nature, culture and crafts, as well as active recreation possibilities along the Vidzeme coastline. The map includes the best lodging accommodation, restaurants and routes of the Vidzeme coastline, to be enjoyed by all those who are overwhelmed by fresh air.

Together with the Tourist Information Centres of the municipalities, the producers of delicacies and tourism service providers of the Vidzeme coastline will also take part in the Balttour Travel Trade Fair, to create the true spirit of the Exciting Vidzeme in Ķīpsala. Knowing that the strength of the sea is flowing not only through our, but also through your veins, we are looking forward to seeing you at our stand in the “Travel Latvia!” Hall at the Balttour Travel Trade Fair. Let the lighthouse show you the way!





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