Hand craft and ethno music festival Līvas Ciems

At the end of May, the Latvian coastal city of Liepāja will host its annual hand-craft and ethno music festival "Līvas Ciems", which over the years has grown into one of the largest traditional culture events in Latvia.

On May 24 and 25, the city’s promenade will hosts artists and craftsmen from all over the country, who will have the opportunity to present their creations, as well as allow visitors to try first-hand at some of Latvia’s ancient and traditional crafts, like, for example, pottery, weaving, forging, wood working and many others.

During the two-day event, visitors will be able to participate in creative workshops, enjoy the festival’s extensive cultural program, as well as have the opportunity of purchasing works created by a wide range of artists and craftsmen. And of course how can you forget the food? The festival will also have many food stalls, where persons will be able to try a wide range of traditional Latvian foods, as well as learn from the chefs themselves how to make various types of dishes and get some excellent cooking advice.

During the festival, food lovers will also be able to taste and purchase a wide range of various types of goodies made by local food producers – bread baked using traditional recipes, ginger-bread cookies, candies, waffles, sea-buckthorn juice, syrups, teas, jams, oils, honey, marmalades made out of local berries and fruits, as well as dried fruits and many other tasty products. Other food items on sale will include spices, chutneys, various meat and smoked meat products, cheese, locally produced wines, cranberry and apple beer as well as many other interesting products.

An integral part of the festival is also the various traditional dance performances, as well as competitions and other fun events for the whole family. However, another important and popular part of the event is the "LIIV RIEK" (translated from the Liiv language – sand road) music festival, which features performances by many Latvian and foreign folk-rock and ethno-music groups.





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