September – the great autumn products of Latvia

As part of the "Delightfully delicious destination - Riga" project, Latvia’s top chefs and restaurants will be offering dishes made with locally grown wonders from Latvian gardens in September.

In September, Latvia celebrates harvest, when fruits and vegetables are gathered. Vegetables are the foundation of Latvian cuisine, and plenty of classical and tasty dishes are prepared using fresh vegetables. Therefore, in September, the "Delightfully delicious destination - Riga" project offers to try autumn products of Latvia – cabbage, carrots, turnips, and other root-crops, as well as apples, lingonberries, chokeberries, and sea-buckthorns.

In autumn, it is characteristic of Latvian cuisine to serve various vegetable stews, soups, grilled vegetables, and salads.In classical vegetable stews, potatoes, green peas, carrots, cabbage, parsleys and garlic are mixed to create a rich bouquet of flavors.

Cabbage is also pickled during this time of the year, from which cabbage soup is prepared, as well as stewed cabbage that will be excellent with roast. Classics of Latvian cuisine!

In autumn, the marvelously delicious juice from apples is also extracted, but from berries, jams for the winter season are prepared — they will be added to tea, pancakes, or desserts during the cold months.

Sea-buckthorn deserves special attention — they are particularly valuable in strengthening the immune system. Therefore, their juice, which is rich in vitamins, can be enjoyed not only fresh, but also in cocktails, sorbet, or cheese cake.

The "Delightfully delicious destination - Riga" project urges visitors and local residents alike to sit down at one of the city’s participating restaurants and enjoy a special dish made with products from Latvian gardens, prepared just for you!





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