Aqua Villa SPA offer special Magic massage ritual with candels (Gerard's)

Powerful fire energy for rainy or cold days!

Let’s surrender to the magic moments of fragrances, flames, and feeling of comfort created by touches. Moments of unusual sensations offered for your individual desires of sensations of the moment, or taking into account your birth time by following oriental philosophy – 4 elements.

22.06.-22.07.; 24.10.-22.11.;
21.02.-20.03. Fragrance of sea with energizing and tonifying effect

21.01.-20.02.; 21.05.-21.06.;
24.09.-23.10. Fragrance of flowers with balancing, renewing effect

21.03.-20.04.; 23.07.-23.08.;
23.11.-21.12. Fragrance of cinnamon with relaxing, harmonizing, light aphrodisiac effect

24.08.-23.09.; 21.04.-20.05.;
22.12.-20.01. Fragrance of myrrh – sweetish, exotic with relaxing effect

This unusual massage, suited for men and women, provides not only sensory, aroma therapeutic and emotional adventure, but also excellently effects skin by fortifying it and saturating it with wonderful natural substances, making it look young and firm.

Active ingredients of each candle are 100% natural, they contain selected Shea butter and plant oils (almond oil, coconut oil) with well-known characteristics, which have synergic effect by nourishing, moisturizing, tonifying and elastifying skin. 

Sweet almond oil is known for its sweetening, softening and nourishing characteristics, perfectly suited for dry, prematurely aged skin with lost moisture or to preserve skin vitality.

Oil extract from coconut pulp is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which helps skin retain water, keeping it fresh and tonified and prevents redness and irritation.

Shea butter possesses well known characteristics, such as anti-stretch, anti-wrinkle, elastifying, moisturizing and oxidizing. Besides, Shea butter provides strong protection against sun rays; therefore it is excellent in protecting skin and preventing skin damages caused by sun influence, such as forming of free radicals, premature wrinkles and sunburns, works great after tanning, sauna, and bath.





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