FIM Freestyle MX World Championship Grand Prix Latvia

A year has past and FIM Freestyle MX World Championship (GP Latvia) is coming back to Latvia- the annual event which has become already a tradition and justily is considered as the most extreme sport event of our country.
Tradition of FMX GP Latvia goes back to autumn, 2007 in „Arena Riga” and since then every year Riga meets elite of Freestyle Moto X riders from different countries and continents giving spectacular, eye- catching and unforgettable motor show to the spectators and fans. Motocross Freestyle is a breathtaking form of motocross that could be called also a motocross figure jumping which actually is a combination of both- sport and show. That is the main reason why motocross freestyle events attract not only motocross fans but also many others who usually are not much interested in motor sport.
FMX GP Latvia 2010 will be only one day- 23rd October. The day when riders from Germany, Italy, Spain, France, the Czech Republic, Australia, USA, Botswana, Russia and other countries shall fight for the title of World Champion. The event starts at 19:00.

Short Description of FMX Grand Prix Latvia

The competition for the title of World Champion 2010 consists of 8 Grand Prix in different countries. One of these lucky countries is Latvia, where 5th round takes place.

Riders fight for the win of Grand Prix and also get points for the total of World Championship.

There are approx.12 riders in every Grand Prix. Each rider performs a set of his best tricks in the first part to qualify for the final. 6 of them go to the final and continue the fight for the title.

Every rider in both parts of the event (qualification and the final) shows a set of tricks in a restricted period of time and one additional jump over the time. 5 members of the International Jury judge the performance by scoring points, the sum of which defines the standing in the qualification and in the final.

After the qualification FMX GP Latvia there will be a competition in a new category – Race and Style ( competition in parallel freestyle) and just before the final traditionally spectators will have the chance to enjoy the highest air contest.

However, the audience has a unique opportunity to meet the riders additionally to all that- the entrance door of „Arena Riga” will be opened 2 hours beforehand (i.e 17:00). This time is for fans to meet FMX World Championship riders at the Pit Line zone. There will be also a chance to get the authographs of the riders at the IFMXF authograph session right after the event.
Spectacular, exciting and risky tricks performed by elite of Freestyle Moto X riders, cheer girls, light effects, pyrotechnics and other great performances in a grand motor show and the most extreme sport event in Latvia- FIM Freestyle MX World Championship on 23.October, 2010 in “Arena Riga”.





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