Delicious chocolate from Latvia

Chocolate-making traditions in Latvia date back to end-19th century, when industrialist Theodor Riegert began producing various products in Riga. These traditions were inherited in 1924 by the "Laima" company, which expanded operations to include export to such countries as England, France and the US. In 1881, the canned food/candy factory "L.W.Goegginger" was founded. In the mid-20th century, both companies were nationalized and renamed the confectionaries "Laima" and "Uzvara", but by the end of the century, both were merged to become just "Laima".

Today, "Laima’s" products can be purchased in 20 countries, including Russia, Germany, Israel, the US and Canada. The company continues to actively plan expansion of export markets.

The best known and most popular meeting place in Riga is the "Laima" Clock, unveiled in 1924 for a practical purpose – to help Rigans get to work on time!

Production of exclusive chocolates and candies is the basic direction for the "Emīla Gustava šokolāde" company. Its shops and cafes offer products made on the spot.

The idea for this high-class venture came from Zane Bērziņa, in honor of her grandfather – a famed pastry chef in Hotel "Roma", who prepared unique chocolate-based products. The secret to success here may be the top standard chocolate used – imported from Belgium.

"Emīla Gustava šokolāde" products also stand out with its original and exquisite packaging. The first shop has grown into a chain in strategic locations in Riga, offering classic and maybe somewhat eccentric new products. One can mention here for example the cannabis balls, not, of course, for any hallucinogenic aspects, but for their unusual flavor and texture.

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