Spend autumn holidays as a real adventure at Jaunmoku Palace

The annual autumn break in Latvia is here, so spend some fun and meaningful time with the whole family. After an active day, you can relax in the Manor House's rooms or stroll along the “Mežaparks” walking trail. Once you've had your fill of nature's energy, explore the story of Jaunmoku Palace and the Museum's salons. The entrance fee according to the museum's price list.
For the real explorers, try your hand at the break-out game "Black Stories of the Green Forest", where you will have to solve various puzzles and actively work to find a way out of the castle cellar in time. Participation is EUR 30.00.
Another activity would be, “Tracker” an orienteering game where you have to follow footprints to find the answers to 9 tricky questions—purchase of a participation card for EUR 2.00.
Do, you know "What is MMPT?" it is an educational and attractive walk in Jaunmoku Palace Park, where participants perform various tasks to draw attention to the diversity of nature. Program price from EUR 35.00 | per group.
The autumn break should definitely be used for new discoveries, so the Expedition in the Forest will be a great opportunity to put an expensive bunch of interesting activities on your list. Program price from EUR 25.00/group.
The week looks really full, interesting and full of adventurous twists and turns.
For excursions, programmes and hotel packages please contact [email protected], tel. 26187442.
Let's go on autumn adventures together!





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