Barring «airBaltic» from flying above Belarus airspace will cost around 200 thousand euros

Sanctions against Belarus affect all European aviation, and the Latvian national airline airBaltic is no exception.

“This week the ban on flights in Belarusian airspace will affect 29 airBaltic flights, which is 8.1% of the total number of airBaltic flights. It is currently estimated that the additional costs necessary to avoid Belarusian airspace will be around EUR 200 000 per month” said Alise Briede, the head of Corporate Communications.

She told them that passengers whose flights are affected would be informed about the changes by sending them an email. Currently, on average, the flight time of each affected is projected to grow by about 10 minutes.

“The airline will contact all passengers, whose flight to Minsk has been cancelled, by email. If the flight is cancelled, airBaltic offers passengers the opportunity to change the date or route of the ticket. Passengers can also choose to request a refund in the form of a gift card or bank transfer,” said Alice Briede.




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