An audio guide for Bauska has been created

Bauska Tourism Information Center has created a free audio guide on the platform izi.TRAVEL in Latvian, Russian and English "Discover Bauska!".

It is an informative and slightly musical walk for about two hours, which begins at Bauska Town Hall Square and ends in the "Velosētas" yard. The route includes texts, pictures and audio recordings of 33 objects - various buildings, cultural monuments, natural  and art-objects, stories about rivers and city symbols. The audio guide also includes few musical You Tube videos that makes the walk more lively and also show the local’s talent and love for music. This walk, in our opinion, will be interesting not only for the guests of the city, but also for the city inhabitants.

The idea of such audio guide was long overdue, but there was no certainty that expensive platforms would pay off, so the crisis created by Covid was the one that prompted the search for contactless solutions. Exploring various paid and free platforms, izi.TRAVEL was recognized as the best. The work with the audio guide was interesting and creative, because the whole process from writing the texts to recording the audios were performed by the TIC employees themselves, the historical facts were confirmed with the historians of the Bauska Museum. Bauska Tourism Information Center also plans to create such tours for other interesting places around Bauska.

Practical tips for using the mobile app:

The audio guide is free, all you need to do is download the mobile app izi.TRAVEL, find Latvia and the tour "Discover Bauska!", Which can also be downloaded to your phone, thus not using the Internet during the whole walk, but only if you would like to listen and watch attached You Tube videos. It is advisable to use headphones while walking so that street noise does not interfere with the reception of information. The route is designed so that when you start it, the map and your location will be displayed automatically. When you enter the marked area of the object, the audio about it will start to play automatically. To make it more like a walk, you can continue the route without standing at each object for the entire recording time, but dedicate as much time as you want to the object and continue in the direction of the next object, where the next audio will start when you enter its marked are. Only if you choose to listen to and watch You Tube videos (when the Internet is turned on), you need to remember to exit it before reaching the next object area. It is convenient and easy to use this audio guide, but if you still have questions, please contact the Bauska Tourism Information Center by phone or by sending a message to VisitBauska Messenger.

izi.TRAVEL is a free platform with more than 10,000 multimedia guides on cities and museums around the world. It was created in 2011 by Dutch innovators together with Swiss investors with the aim of connecting cities, museums and their stories with travellers in an innovative way - with a global, open and free platform.




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