The Way through the Christmas Trees festival coming to Riga again

Every resident of Latvia, Germany or Sweden, for instance, knows very well what a Christmas tree looks like. And, of course, we all wait impatiently for the moment the Christmas trees are decorated, both at the main square and in every home of the city.

The festival Way through the Christmas Trees is something entirely different. It is a time our creative talents flourish and dozens of the most peculiar Christmas trees are set up in Riga’s streets, parks, and squares. The festival of spatial objects Way through the Christmas Trees brings joy and light to the city and its residents.

This year, the 6th festival of spatial objects Way through the Christmas Trees will run from December 4 to January 10.

As usual, participating in the festival will be professional artists, amateurs, and those who simply wish to present something nice to other people during this darkest period of the year.

The Christmas trees – 45 in total! – will come in various sizes, made of all kinds of materials (wood, glass, metal, etc.), and brightly decorated so as to match the festive mood. Some Christmas trees will be completely new, while the others are those that were the most popular with residents and guests of Riga during the past festivals.

Ahead of the festival, more information about it will be posted on,





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