Contemporary culture forum White Night to take place in Riga in September

For the ninth time already, Riga residents and guests of the city are invited to participate in a night of creative awareness that is likely to change participants' perception of the environment they live and the cultural life therein.

This year, the programme of the "White Night" forum, which is dedicated to contemporary urban culture, includes around fifty events in a broad range of arts and genres; all the events will be free of charge.

The greatest activity will be in the Spīķeri Quarter, Riga's Old Town, in the area around Vērmanes Park and elsewhere in the centre of Riga. The events of the forum will also take place in the Daugavgrīva Castle, Imanta Culture Centre, in the Teika and Sarkandaugava neighbourhoods as well as Āgenskalns and Torņkalns neighbourhoods in Pārdaugava.

The inspiration for this year’s "White Night" forum comes from the world film classic "A Trip to the Moon" ("Le Voyage Dans La Lune"), a sci-fi film that Georges Méliès shot in France in 1902. At the time, the black-and-white film captivated audiences around the world with its memorable scenes of a man on the moon, emphasising man’s sense of wonder in the face of an unexplored universe. The film went on to become a trendsetter of the period, particularly in new art and design genres such as art deco and futurism.

One of the most popular images from the film, the capsule that has landed in the Moon's eye, will be the symbol of "2014 White Night", urging everybody to expand the boundaries of their imagination and set off on a night-long journey of creative exploration.

"White Night" in Riga is part of the international project "European White Nights" that was originally held in five European capitals – Brussels, Madrid, Paris, Riga and Rome. Later on the project was also joined by Amsterdam, Bucharest, Porto and Valetta, and – elsewhere in the world – by Toronto, Tokyo, Montreal and other cities.

The "White Night" forum is organised by the Riga City Council in collaboration with the most active Latvian cultural organisations, involving a large number of Latvian and foreign artists. Also actively participating in the project are Riga cafes, art galleries, bookshops, clubs and other venues.

"White Night" will take place in Riga on the night from September 6 to 7.

For more information about the "White Night" festival, visit:





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