European Sauna Marathon in Estonian Winter Capital

European Sauna Marathon will take place on February 2, 2014 in Estonian Winter Capital Otepää. Participants have to track down and visit the given saunas in the Otepää area as fast as possible.

European Sauna Marathon will be held for the fifth time already. The number of participants – 654 sauna friends participated last year – shows great interest in this event. There were participants from other countries - from Latvia, Russia, Spain, Italy and Finland last year. The Sauna Marathon was shown over the world in the news.

The sauna orienteering race will start at 12.00-13.00 p.m. in Pühajärve Spa & Holiday Resort (Otepää, Pühajärve). Marathon will finish at Nuustaku pub (Nüpli village, Otepää) at 17.30 p.m, the awarding ceremony will also take place in Nuustaku pub.„Teams with 4 members who make it to the finish can participate in the award ceremony,“ explained Sirje Ginter, the organizer of the Sauna Marathon. „Each team will get an orienteering map showing the locations of the saunas and the competition guide. All team members must be in a sauna for at least 3 minutes.“

In order to participate in the Sauna Marathon a car or other vehicle is needed.As a bonus, there are ice holes, plunge pools and other attractions and entertainment provided by sauna owners. When entering a sauna, every team must give their sauna chart to the owner of the sauna. The sauna owner confirms that the team members completed the sauna by marking their sauna chart. The winner will be the team which completed all of the saunas in the shortest time.
The sauna chart will be returned at the finish line. All participants have to sign a form confirming that their health allows them to participate in the event. The police will take care of the participants’ safety. After the competition, participants can choose the best sauna.

Pre-registration is required to participate in European Sauna Marathon. Teams can register until 26th of January 2014 via e-mail [email protected] Under-aged participants cannot attend without the supervising adults. Please include in your email your team’s name and participants’ names. The event is free of charge.

European Sauna Marathon is organized by Otepää Cultural Center, Pühajärve Spa&Holiday Resort, Nuustaku pub and saunaowners of Otepää.



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