Tallinn 2011 – serving up the stars of European cinema

"The European Film Academy awards ceremony represents another chance to showcase Tallinn at the international level," said Ave Ungro, the curator of the Tallinn 2011 foundation's film projects. "We've already got the Black Nights Film Festival, which is fantastic; we're about to become the European Capital of Culture; and we have the Old Town, which is the dictionary definition of 'charming'. But what really makes Tallinn such a great place is the fascinating people who live here. That's why we thought it would be a brilliant idea to bring the guests coming here for the awards together with people who live here, so that they really feel part of the place and just because it'll lead to lots of interesting get-togethers!"

Almost 500 actors, directors, producers and more have been invited to the awards, representing a smorgasbord of European film industry talent. All of those attending have also been invited to take part in the 'What's Cooking?' initiative on the afternoon of the ceremony, during which they will be welcomed by residents all over Tallinn and enjoy true local hospitality.

A first in the history of the European Film Academy, the idea behind 'What's Cooking?' has already been warmly received by many in the industry. "When we told the guests that if they were happy to they'd be treated to lunch before the awards in local people's homes, a lot of them jumped at the idea," said Nikola Joetze, one of the academy's production managers. "Nothing like it has ever been done before!"

Whether family or friends, Tallinn 2011 is inviting everyone to take part and show the academy's guests just how good Estonian cuisine and hospitality can be. To register for 'What's Cooking?', fill in the online application form at www.tallinn2011.ee/efa2010, where you will find more details about the event (menu ideas, the number of hosts needed, language skills, hobbies and such). When you register, you should indicate whether you would be happy to host more than one guest. Everyone is also welcome to post comments, ideas, food suggestions, photos and videos on the 'Tallinn 2011: What's Cooking?' Facebook page www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Tallinn-2011-kutsub-Kino-kiikab-kooki/106396839430108, where you will find the latest news and updates about the event.

Anyone who is familiar with Estonian films will know that food and talk of it play an important part in local cinema. But if you're not, or your memory's a bit fuzzy, here are a few for you to sample. Who knows – they might even give you some ideas!

• "I haven't got a clue what to do, or what to offer them!" - "Cheese." (Viini postmark, 1967)

• "Well no, I'll come to the party, but, well, do they do jellied meat?" (Kevade, 1969)

• "I'll eat my hat if one of them isn't a woman!" (Viimne reliikvia, 1969)

• "I'm not going to be able to get any more beetroot salad today now." - "Don't worry, I know people in the cooking industry!" (Noor pensionär, 1972)

• "Mince is meat, and Mr. Inspector's not going to make mincemeat out of me." (Hukkunud Alpinisti hotell, 1979)

• "Adalbert, you old dog! Cake and jam for the captain!" (Arabella, mereröövli tütar, 1982)

• "More ice cream, please. With cherries. For everyone!" (Naksitrallid, 1984)

• "There's no point getting a burger beforehand." (Tulnukas, 2006)

Bon appetit!



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