Direct flights to 47 destinations in Tallinn Airport’s summer schedule

On 26 March the northern hemisphere’s airports will be switching to their summer schedules, Tallinn Airport among them. This year, travellers will have the choice of 47 direct-flight destinations from the Estonian capital. The summer season is always the busiest time of year for air travel in our region, and this year will be no different, with regular flights operating to 33 destinations. Tickets are available to purchase on the websites of 14 airlines. There will also be 14 charter destinations, tickets for which are available from travel agencies.

Summer 2023 will see airBaltic launching four new routes from Tallinn: two to Croatia (the seaside cities of Dubrovnik and Split) and two to Greece (the islands of Crete and Rhodes). The French city of Nice will also be returning to the flight schedule. Aegean will be relaunching direct flights to Athens, as SunExpress will be to the Turkish resort of Antalya, and SAS will start flying to Oslo in August. Extra flights will be added on many routes: Swiss will be flying more frequently to Zürich, as will Lufthansa to Munich; airBaltic will be offering additional flights to Paris, London, Berlin, Malaga and Nice;and SAS will be flying to and from Stockholm and Copenhagen more often as well. The most exciting package tour destinations this summer will be Madeira and Faro in Portugal and Tivat in stunning Montenegro.

Eero Pärgmäe, a member of the Management Board of Tallinn Airport, says there is already a great deal of interest in summer flights among travellers. “Despite the trying economic times, people’s interest in getting away on holiday is pretty much as high as it’s ever been,” he said. “Flight schedules for the next six months have now been locked in around the world, and since airlines aren’t able to recruit and train crew and obtain new aircraft at short notice, travellers need to take into account that prices will go up as demand increases. As such, we recommend buying your tickets as soon as you can. Flights just aren’t available anymore as cheaply as they were immediately after the pandemic.”

Pärgmäe added that although tickets for summer flights have been on sale for some time, not all 45 direct-flight destinations from Tallinn will be available straight away from 26 March. “The new destinations and extra flights will be added to the schedule over the coming months,” he explained. “The first will be Antalya on 28 March, to which SunExpress will be flying four times a week. The temperatures there get above 20 as early as April, with plenty of sun, which for Estonians is basically summer!”

Good preparations make for a worry-free holiday, Pärgmäe reminded travellers. “Before you go, make sure your travel documents meet all the requirements,” he advised. “Then, on the day you leave, arrive at the airport at least two hours before your scheduled departure so that you have plenty of time to get through security and passport control and the like. You should check beforehand what’s allowed in your hand luggage as well, as that will make getting through security quicker and less stressful.”
Click here to view all of Tallinn Airport’s destinations, airlines and flight times.



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