French Metro edition presents Neringa as a dream beach

A French edition of Metro, a popular free newspaper, presents Neringa in Lithuania as a dream beach for every traveller and everyone else, who enjoys sunbathing or swimming. 

As announced by Neringa Municipality, the French edition of Metro, published in 500,000 copies daily, has offered its readers five dream beaches in Europe, including the Curonian Spit. Neringa Beach ranks second among the dream beaches selected by Metro, and is ahead of paradise beaches in Bulgaria, Corsica, and Italy, conceding only to beeches in Milos Island, Greece. "Not a soul in the picture? It is completely normal! We have selected five paradise beeches in Europe for you, which are not overcrowded in tourists. Discover these hidden gems, from Lithuania to Southern Italy!", reads a popular free newspaper, read daily by around 2.4 million Parisians and guests of the French capital. Tranquillity, beautiful landscape, few tourists, and relatively late sunsets (at approx. 23 o’clock) are mentioned as advantages of Neringa Beach. The newspaper likens the white sand of almost one hundred metre-long peninsula to Sahara.

"This appreciation by a publication reached by millions of readers every day is a big achievement to us. Good news about Lithuania and its tourism attractions is of particular significance at this time, when, with the continuing turmoil in Tunisia and Egypt, the French are beginning to look for new destinations for summer holidays, where they could find peace and security. Since the French publication has rated Neringa so high, I hope that we will need less effort in persuading the French to visit the place", says Inga Lanchas, Director of Lithuania’s Tourism Information Centre in Paris.



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