National costumes are a beautiful and constant classic

Not only specialists, but those who wish to wear it, are interested in the national costume. The curators of Lithuanian National Museum, who have been collecting the samples of the outfit of peasants for a long time and who have been doing a research on the national costume, prepared exhibition cycle “Lithuanian National Costume” in the period from 1992 through 1996 and searched for the possibilities to make it more varied and rich and started the production of the copies.

Having learned the traditional weaving techniques and having learned about sewing and adorning clothes, they reconstructed from the samples of unused fabric collection and sewed 22 national costumes for men and women dating from the 18th through the beginning of the 20th centuries. They are made from the linen, wool and semi-wool fabrics, woven by the curators who used the manual looms and adorned the fabrics by the traditional embroidery techniques, lace and knitting. Besides the fabrics, which were painted and woven in traditional manner, the velvet and silk fabrics, manufactured in factory, were collected for the separate parts of the costume.

The exhibition is supplemented by the authentic elements of the national costume which have become the work of folk art, the original material from the collections of the museum and catalogue “Accessories of traditional outfit”.

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