The Money Museum — Among the Top Five Best Money Museums

The Money Museum of the Bank of Lithuania was selected to be among the top five best money museums in the world. The scientific journal MintWorld Compendium prepared a list of the world’s top five best money museum, and this list included the money museums of the central banks of Canada, Germany’s Bundesbank, South Korea and the United States of America Federal Reserve System.

The second best five museums were the money museums of Belgium’s national bank, India’s reserve bank, and the central banks of England, Israel and Japan.

The top five best money museums in the world were selected by assessing the variety, quality and rarity of the museum’s exhibited items, as well as the information provided in the educational materials. The numerous interactive information tools did not go unnoticed either — the option of choosing a different foreign language makes them easily accessible for tourists.

One of the most important evaluation criteria — all of the winning museums were handicapped accessible. Finally, the top five museums were described in the article as providing an exceptional experience for visitors.

The Bank of Lithuania’s Money Museum is located in the centre of Vilnius — on the corner of Gediminas avenue and Totorių street. Two floors with five galleries introduce visitors to the global history of money and banking, Lithuanian currency, the development of banking in our country from the first credit institutions to modern times. In addition, visitors can be actively involved in the learning process —activities include striking a souvenir plaque or weighing yourself on a special scale which will tell you your worth if you were made of gold, platinum or silver.

The museum and provided tours are free to all visitors, and opening hours are Tuesday–Friday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Saturday — 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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