The 1st of May - Street Musician Day in Vilnius

Date: the 1st of may (Saturday), from 12:00 a.m.
Venue: Vilnius Old Town and Centre

Street Musician Day is the event uniting everyone who speaks in the most universal language of the world, i.e. music. In response to the invitation from musician and actor Andrius Mamontovas, professional and amateur musicians will flood Vilnius streets, inner yards, small parks and squares. Armed with a variety of musical instruments, they will play rock, classics, jazz, avant-garde and folklore and will beat African rhythms. On this day all Lithuanian cities and towns will enjoy the festival of free creation and communication between musicians and the public.

About Street Musician day 2007-2009:
There were over 700 musicians on the streets of Vilnius in 2007. In 2008 we had over the 1000 playing their music. Also 31 city of Lithuania joined the event that year. In 2009 around 5000 musicians came out on the streets of Lithuania and played the whole day long...
The idea is simple. Everyone, who can make sound or noise, can come outside and play. It doesn't matter, if you're professional or just "two chords" player. The main thing is music, that is the international language of this world.

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