Walk and Search for Art in Vilnius

Vilnius is full of street art; you simply have to let your eyes wander and the images will pop up from the buildings. You will also meet modern sculptures dedicated to beloved Lithuanians and f people whose ideas resonated with the people of Vilnius, including the likes of Leonard Cohen and John Lennon. 

An unforgettable Jewish story comes to life from the walls of the Old Town, connecting the past with the present. Therefore, walk around Vilnius during the festive period and discover surprises that will brighten your day. Maybe you will even witness a Christmas miracle!

Lucky Belly

Make a wish and pat this round happy belly protruding from the wall. The work is dedicated to everyone looking for success. With current circumstances in mind, everyone needs it. So bring good luck to Vilnius.

AddressVilniaus g. 10

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The Miracle Tile

Sometimes a miracle happens when a dream comes true, like snowfall on Christmas Eve. Everyone has their own ritual to summon a miracle while standing on this tile. Some just close their eyes, others spin and some even clap their hands. Whatever you do, the most important thing is to believe. Let your miracles come true!

AddressKatedros Square

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Open Gallery

This unique open-air art gallery set in an urban environment of former factories has new works added to it every year. Today, you can enjoy more than 30 works of art and light installations. Lithuanian and foreign street artists put their imagination to work on old walls. The gallery is open 24/7, so stop by to admire the works any time – they even look different at different times of the day. And when it snows, the sight is breathtaking – the masterpiece of nature complements the street art.

AddressVytenio g. 50

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Užupis Art Incubator

A walk in Užupis is always full of surprises – works of art, installations, graffiti and sculptures constantly pop up and disappear. Exhibited in the open air, they blend perfectly with the changing nature, and in winter, the leafless trees and the nearby Vilnelė River are a perfect backdrop. However, when walking in Užupis don’t be afraid to take a look at the hidden yards – you can expect to find a lazy cat or make an artistic discovery.

AddressUžupio g. 2

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Os Gemeos Mural

The mural by Brazilian brothers and street artists Os Gemeos pays respect to their Lithuanian grandfather. You can see him sitting in the palm of a colourful giant. The work was created for the Vilnius Street Art Festival and has become a significant sight in the lively train station district.

AddressPylimo g. 60

Ernest Zacharevic, Titan Atlas

In Greek mythology, the Titan Atlas had to hold the sky on his shoulders. In the work of Lithuanian street artist Ernest Zacharevic, two atlases hold the western end of the Liubartas Bridge in place. If you think your work is hard, come see them in action.

AddressLiubarto Bridge

Millo Mural

The Italian artist Millo created his very first site-specific mural, incorporating existing windows and other architectural details into the painting to bring it to life. It looks like straight out of a postcard.

AddressPylimo g. 56

The Walls Remember

The Walls Remember by Lina Šlipavičiūtė-Černiauskienė is a contemporary art project that pays tribute to the historical memory of the Vilnius Jewish community. The Glass Quarter was the Jewish centre of Vilnius in the 17thcentury. Today, artisans, merchants and other people look from the walls to the present world. You can find five graffiti pieces recreated from old, but you will need to search the entire Glass Quarter.

AddressGlass Quarter

Literatų Street

Poet Adomas Mickevičius used to live at the beginning of what is now Literatų Street. Today, some 200 works of Lithuanian and foreign artists adorn the walls and pay homage to various authors. Each effigy is a gift to a literary master, chosen by the artists themselves. Will you find your favourite writer?

AddressLiteratų g.

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Stiklių Street

Raise your eyes and be greeted by the festively decorated cafes and courtyards of Stiklių Street. The street is also adorned with a changing art hanging overhead. In the evening, the sight captivates you with special lighting, and when the winter sun shines, it looks like a street taken straight from sunny Italy.

AddressStiklių g.

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Monument to Frank Zappa

If you look closely, you’ll see a monument to Frank Zappa tucked away behind the city’s Central Clinic. It’s the only one of its kind in Europe while the second (a replica) is in Baltimore, USA. Although Frank Zappa has nothing to do with Lithuania, he is a symbol of freedom and unbridled ideas for Lithuanians.

AddressK. Kalinausko g. 1

More information about the monument

Monument to Leonard Cohen

Visit a sculpture of the world's first famous Litvak artist, Leonard Cohen. Although the musician, poet and songwriter never visited Lithuania, his roots lie here – L. Cohen's mother and grandfather came from Lithuania. When you look at the sculpture, you will smile, because its author, sculptor Romualdas Kvintas, has managed to capture the human side of the world-famous performer.

AddressŠv. Mykolo g. 6

More information about the monument

Monument to John Lennon

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania, but perhaps it is also the capital of rock and roll. The Beatles singer never visited Lithuania, but Lithuanians listened to his music even when it was extremely difficult to obtain. So let it be a symbol of hope. After all, music unites hearts.

Address: Square on Mindaugo Street

More information about the monument

Monument to Romain Gary

A romantic boy with a rubber shoe stands in memory of famous French writer Romain Gary. He spent his childhood in a house on J. Basanavičiaus Street in Vilnius. He later described this period in his books and never forgot Vilnius. Note that locals love the little boy – they put flowers in his hands, wrap him in a scarf and decorate him to celebrate Christmas.

AddressMindaugo g. 12

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