Estonia invites you to enjoy the wonderful nature of Soomaa National Park

One of the goals of Estonia’s nature and ecological recreation admirers is to visit the Soomaa National Park. The national park that is located close to Pärnu was created in 1993 in order to protect huge areas of forests and swamps, and to maintain the culture of forests in this region as well.

Soomaa National Park has won in the project “European Destinations of Excellence – EDEN, 2009”, and now is the most outstanding goal of nature tourists in Estonia. It is worth to mention that the goal of this project is to pay attention to European tourism areas and their nonmaterial cultural heritage.

It is already more than ten years since experienced tour guides leads different nature activities there. You can set out on a journey both in groups and individually, as well as you can use the water service.

Tourists can use airing trails that are created in swamps and forests. Apart from watching wild animals the park offers also horse rides, various aromatic and exotic bathhouses, as well as interesting photo tours, master class of boat building, watching of birds and other activities. Soomaa is very popular place for canoeists.

Not only local inhabitants take the Soomaa Park’s offered activities, but also foreign tourists from Germany, Finland, Great Britain, Denmark and other countries.

Soomaa National park is located between Pärnu and Viljandi Region. It is about 1, 5 hour drive from Tallinn and 2, 5 hour drive from Riga. Territory of the national park includes five swamps that are separated from each other by woodlands and rivers. Slope of rivers in this region is so little that rivers which flow out of highlands during the spring time melting break out of their banks.

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