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The Year of Museums in Estonia saw the completion of the portal, which makes it possible for everyone to see the exhibitions of Estonian museums in virtual format. People from every corner of the world can now visit Estonian museums.

The first exhibition created in the virtual exhibition environment was Estonian Modernism 1900-1930 of the Tartu Art Museum and it was completed in 2006. Another three big exhibitions and collection introductions are available through the system today in addition to the exhibition of modernism: Introduction of the glass collection of the Järvakandi Glass Museum, exhibitions Surprise! Surprise! Art from Non-art Museums and Restored Estonia. The latter is also available to users in English.

Andres Uueni, Head of the Documentation and Digitalisation Department of the Kanut Restoration House, said that the portal is a part of the complete system of virtual exhibitions that is opened to visitors, which can be used by the museums to present their collections and exhibitions. “The system is easy to manage, it offers unlimited opportunities for presenting the collections and exhibitions of museums, which gives museum visitors a new form of access to the audiovisual material kept in Estonian museums," explained Uueni.

The virtual museum portal was created in cooperation between the Kanut Restoration House, the Ministry of Culture and MindBridge OÜ.

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