Tourism figures weather economic storms

The most recent figures from the Statistical Office of Estonia has shown the number of accommodated visitors to Tallinn increased despite the global economic downturn.

In November 2008 87 000 tourists stayed in Tallinn's accommodation establishments (+5% or 3 850 more tourists compared with November 2007). 84% of accommodated visitors were foreign tourists.

The number of foreign tourists increased 7% or 4,500 tourists compared to November the previous year. The number of domestic tourists decreased somewhat, numbers accommodated fell 4%, by 600 tourists, for a total of 13,700.

The total number of bed nights was similar to the total number of tourists. Altogether in November tourists stayed in Tallinn's accommodation establishments for a total of 141 700 nights (-2% or -2 800 bed nights less than previous year). While foreign tourists spent totalling 121 000 making 4% more bed nights, Estonian citizens stayed 28% less nights (for a total of 20 700 nights).

In November, there were no big changes the places visors were coming from. As in the previous month, the number of accommodated tourists from Finland and Russia increased (44 000 Finns, +11%, 5 700 Russian tourists, +88%). British tourists numbers continually declining (-34%, or 1 070 tourists) and also the number of tourists from Sweden, Norway, Germany and Latvia went down (-2%,-11%,-11% and -12%).

72% of accommodated tourists arrived for holidays, 26% were on a business trip (6% consisted of conference attendance) and the rest (2%) had some other reason for visiting Tallinn. The average length of stay for tourists was 1.63 nights.

During the period from January to November 2008, 1 109 100 tourist stayed overnight in Tallinn's accommodation establishments (5.5% more tourists compared with same period in 2007). Altogether a total of 955 900 (7%) foreign visitors stayed in Tallinn's accommodation establishments, as well as 153 200 (-3%) Estonian citizens.



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