Night-time song festival to mark Estonian independence holiday

“Märkamisaeg” will be one of the main events marking the 90th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. A night of song at Tallinn’s Song Festival Grounds between the 19th and 20th of August, it will celebrate the country’s regaining independence in 1991. The festival will be free of charge to everyone.

The six-hour concert will start at 9.00 pm on the 19th of August and last until the early hours of the 20th. It will showcase songs which have supported, comforted and inspired the Estonian people over the years in the form of a live musical presentation, with words and pictures, of the story of a nation which has crafted, sung and carried this music with them.

Chief organiser Margus Kasterpalu says that the festival is structured in such a way that it will take the audience on a journey through time – from the first Estonian song festival (during the national awakening) to its rebirth and right up to today. Despite the nostalgia that its name may inspire amongst Estonians, the festival is not designed to recreate the atmosphere that prevailed twenty years ago. However, the bridge between the singers and the public will remain the same – there will be no lines between the people brought together under the archway of music; no clear distinction between performers and audience. Everyone at the Song Festival Grounds will be encouraged to join in the songs, many of which have been chosen especially for that purpose.

The performers taking to the stage will of course include those singers, groups and choirs who aroused the passions of the audience twenty years ago, but also new names and today’s stars. The night-time song festival is expected to be attended by as many as 6000 choral singers. For more details, visit the website



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