Declaration of the Tourism Marketing Institutions participating in the 2nd Baltic Sea Tourism Forum

The Baltic Sea region is an area with many diverse development perspectives. Nearly 50 million people live in the coastal region. Tourism is one of the possibilities to position the Baltic Sea area internationally and more successfully. Every year, more than 200 million passengers use the ferries on the Baltic Sea and around 40 cruise ships travel along the inland sea. 125.5 million overnight stays can be counted annually in the Baltic Sea region (source: Eurostat). A general situation that can be advanced from tourism institutions' point of view. Cruise and ferry liners are the pace maker for the region. Air traffic and the expanding network of roads and motorways between the countries also form a basis for a more intensive touristic exchange.

There is a good interaction within the Baltic Sea region, which can, however, be intensified by different means in order to achieve further economical development. Therefore, tourism organisations of the Baltic Sea neighbouring countries and regions undertake the commitment to cooperate more intensely in the field of interregional and international tourism in order to give more attention to this development and support this process more efficiently.

The participating organizations in 2nd Baltic Sea Tourism Forum responsible for tourism marketing take note of the proposal of the European Commission for the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region in June 2009. They welcome the various activities proposed therein, particularly those directed at maintaining and reinforcing the attractiveness of this region in the field of tourism. The collaboration between the above participants of this forum and with the strategy co-ordinator for the tourism field is understood as a contribution to the goals of the Baltic Sea Strategy.

The participating organizations in 2nd Baltic Sea Tourism Forum responsible for tourism marketing agree on intensifying their collaboration. During a workshop from 9 to 12 August 2009 the following fields of intensified collaboration were discussed and outlined. They shall serve as the basis for their further work.


Suggested fields of intensified collaboration

• Common Market Research Concep

A means to compile common and comparable market research on a Baltic Sea regional scale needs to be discussed.

• Development of New International Markets

The Baltic Sea regions should strengthen their hold to the Baltic Sea region as a source of tourism and extend it with more international markets.

• Development of Infrastructure

Coordinated and effective infrastructure should be worked towards on an interregional Baltic Sea level.

• Development of Baltic Sea Region Products and Services

The offers for environmentally sustainable products and services could and should be identified and marketed jointly on a Baltic Sea regional level and it needs to be decided on which should be developed further.

• Common Promotional Activities

Offers concerning the Baltic Sea region could and should be marketed jointly by common instruments in selected international markets.

• Common Internet Platform

A common internet platform should be developed to ensure that offers become more systematic and comprehensive to cover the entire Baltic Sea region. The participants of the 2nd Baltic Sea Tourism Forum agree on intensifying their collaboration in order to support the development of the Baltic Sea region.

A meeting of the organizations responsible for tourism marketing in Baltic Sea Region shall be arranged annually at rotating locations. It shall take stock of the results of this collaboration and make recommendations for the future work.

Vilnius, September 25th, 2009




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