International rock festival "Rock Nights 2009"

On August 7-8, 2009, international rock festival “Rock Nights 2009” will take place on a borderland of Latvia, not far from Daugavpils. It is the biggest rock festival in the Baltic.

The festival will occur already for the 7th time – first time it was organized in 2003 and already then it became an international event of rock culture. Each year this festival hosts about 5-7 thousand rock and rock’n’roll music lovers from Lithuania and other countries. This year for the first time the festival will take place on Zarasai island that is located only 20 km from Latvian borderline, and it is expected that also rock lovers from Latvia will show a huge interest about this festival, which is full of traditions.

This year the most famous Scandinavian folk-metal band “Korpiklaani” will perform at the festival. These Finland’s rockers currently are one of the most wanted bands at European rock festivals. At the beginning of August, right before the performance at “Rock Nights”, “Korpiklaani” will give a concert to 70000 huge audience of hard metallists at the one of the biggest metal festivals in Wacken ( Germany).

The best Lithuanian rock musicians have joint together in a special Metallica Tribute project. An interesting fact is that it is a tradition that fans of the festival choose which band’s tribute project has to be created this year, and what will be its repertoire. Previous years fans have listened to the tribute projects of KISS, AC/DC, U2 and Bon Jovi.

This year one of the most popular Scandinavian industrial metal bands “Deathstars” ( Sweden) are going to perform at the festival.

Besides, it will be possible to listen not only to traditional rock, hard & heavy music style, but also to something lighter – indie&punk stars from Finland “Disco Ensemble”.

There will be also Lithuanian gothic rock pioneers – the band “Siela” (soul) that started its activity in 1990s and Lithuanian rock legends “Katedra”.

Thanks to the “Rock Nights 2009” fans and their voting in the festival’s home page and thanks to active collaboration between organizers and bands, it is already clear that there will be also the best Lithuanian and Latvian traditional pleiad in Zarasai. These are now classics, "Rojaus Tūzai", BIX, SBS, perspective "Soul Stealer" with Jeronim Milium, "Rebelheart", "IR", "Atika", "Wozu", metalists from Kaunas “Thundertale”, as well as other well-known performers from Lithuania and other Baltic States. Together there will be more than 30 bands on 3 stages.

This year 5 bands from Latvia are going to participate at the festival:

  • "The Hobos",
  • "Laime Pilnīga"
  • "Backflow"  
  • "Invasion"
  • "Screampiece"

As traditionally, a camping area, various possibilities of sporting – football and volleyball, and different activities – theatre, cinema and circus will be available at the festival. Further details on this topic will be available in next release.

Two-day tickets – 80 LTL, parking lot – 20 LTL, camping are – FREE!



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