Project Siluetas LT - tour around Lithuania

To mark the millennium of Lithuania, I-III form culture management students of Vilnius University Kaunas faculty of humanities, Philosophy and culture studies chair in cooperation with UAB „Telesoftas“ have prepared the project (the superintendent doc. V.Jurėnienė), which maingoal is to organize a hike around Lithuanian frontier in July-August 2009, and in this way to unite all Lithuanian people in the country as well as in the nearest states and Lithuanian society abroad. With help of history, ethnic culture and traditions, we aspire to open the doors to Lithuania and show how unique our nation is.

The project is important in the way that any full of initiative, volunteer people from any Lithuanian district or region may participate in the hike, besides to many hiking clubs from different towns that will take part in the walking tour.

Inaddition to encouraging to actively participate in Lithuanian cultural life, people’s civilization, nation consciousness, socialization, ethnic traditions, various age people initiative, cultural continuation, as well as hiking activity, enlightment, will be cherished and teached during the hike. Also they will be encouraged to get interested, discover the history of Lithuania, it’s traditions, heritage and geography with the help of modern technologies.

The hikers will show not only historical or architectural heritage, but also give an example of cherishing authentic ethnic culture. Every internet user may watch and follow the information – video and audio reports, interview and photos – about culture objects in a virtual space, because the moving of the teams will be directly shown in the interactive projects page via GPS system.

The Project will be presented to the society in press, radio, internet, television. The country, nation, history and culture will be united at once.

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