Find out about Vilnius in your Mobile Phone

Starting from February, 2009 Vilnius Tourist Information Centre is taking part in the project Top10intheCity. Participating in this project provides a great possibility to spread the information about Vilnius virtually as well as in the mobile area.

Theproject is dedicated not only to all the Internet users but also to those who are using Internet in the mobile phone through wap. The website provides the information about mostly visited cities in Europe. Vilnius is included in this list as well. The main information about Vilnius sightseeings, culture, architecture, history, traditional events, information centres, restaurants and hotels is presented extremely clearly. All the objects can be evaluated by the website visitors - everybody is welcome to write his/her comments.

It is fixed that from the beginning of the project it was searched for the information for 2 881 334 times, including 162 220 times searching exactly for Vilnius. 62 thousand people have been looking for the information about Vilnius during May. Vilnius takes number 5-6 according to the 50 most popular European cities that are taking part in the project. In this month, June, Vilnius is declared to be “the city of the month” in the website under discussion.

Due to the growing interest in Vilnius and a great number of people interested in it, it is being planned to create Lithuanian version of the website as well as to introduce the Geo Tag service (it is a possibility to find the nearest sightseeings using a mobile phone according to the plays in which a person is staying).

Website creators are glad that modern technologies are being used in such a progressive way in Lithuania. These modern technologies help to develop the service sector in the virtual as well as mobile area.

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