Growth of Vilnius Airport is caused by record-breaking flyLAL flows

In May, airline flyLAL carried over 64 000 passengers, i.e. 80% more than in May 2007, when the number of passengers was 36 000. Furthermore, the growth of flyLAL passengers' flow is the main determinant of the rising number of Vilnius airport passengers – increased flow of flyLAL passengers (28 000 passengers) in May accounted for as many as 65% of the total airport flow growth, though flyLAL company carried 33% of all Vilnius airport passengers in May.

“Our achieved flow of passengers mainly determined the record number of passengers in Vilnius airport. If not for rapid growth of flyLAL, the airport of the capital city would have announced 10-15% growth, i.e. the increase in the number of passengers carried in May by other airlines. Plans of one company to double the number of its passengers have vital effect on the performance of the state object and direct impact on its economic activity volumes. flyLAL company has firmly consolidated its leader's position in Vilnius Airport", stated CEO of flyLAL Mr. Vytautas Kaikaris.

Mr. V. Kaikaris further highlighted that upon construction of flyLAL passengers terminal in Vilnius Airport, the airline would be financially interested to increase its passengers’ flows at the same further rapid rate. It would bring big economic benefit for the whole country. flyLAL passengers terminal would be an important factor determining the company’s decision to refrain from rising flyLAL ticket prices because of doubled oil costs.
According to CEO of flyLAL Mr. V. Kaikaris, flyLAL is consistently following its rapid development strategy, by growing the number of passengers and expanding its fleet.

If compared with January 2008, number of passengers of the air company in May flying from Vilnius increased by over 50% In 2008, flyLAL aircrafts have already carried 256 000 passengers.
Another aircraft of flyLAL – Boeing 737-500 acquired by the company in this autumn was brought to Vilnius on the 4th of June. The aircraft has to undergo certain modifications in Lithuania to satisfy all the EU requirements. This Boeing 737-500 is planned to be put into operation in two weeks.

“We have turned into an air company experiencing the most rapid growth in the Baltic States – we are offering more flight destinations to our passengers and invite them to fly by our more modern and comfortable aircrafts. Expanding our fleet, we can offer a wider geography of flights and better services to our passengers", said Mr. V. Kaikaris.

According to him, passengers choose flyLAL flights because of convenient flight schedule, technically well-maintained aircrafts – these advantages are secured by the aircraft technical maintenance centre flyLAL Technics belonging to the same Aviation Business Group.



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