At Turība an extended and upgraded Business Coworking space has started to operate

We are glad to announce that by support of Swedbank at the Turība University a new, extended and upgraded Business Coworking space is opened.

The new premises are completely refitted and more than 30 workplaces, a corner of office equipment, meeting rooms, stage for demonstration of presentations and organisation of public events, multi-partition lockable metal cabinets for document storage, as well as other improvement works have been carried out to create a unique and attractive atmosphere for implementation of new business ideas and maintaining of entrepreneurial spirit at the University.

The new Business Coworking space now is located on Floor 1 of the Building A of the University, to the left from the central entrance, and everyone who studies at the University, graduate of the current or previous study year, employee or a pupil from a school which cooperates with Turība, is invited to participate in it!

Already now at the place one can meet 16 determined first-year students of the Faculty of Business Administration and the Faculty of International Tourism, who under the guidance of Ph. Dr. Aigars Rostovskis, Chairman of the Development Council of the Turība University, entrepreneur, have begun life in the new cosy premises in order to commence or continue the already existing entrepreneurial activity

About the possibilities to operate in the Business Coworking space we invite you to get into contact with the manager- Ieva Melbārde, calling by the phone +371 26586695 or writing to the e-mail: [email protected]

For reference:

The Business Coworking space at the University is operating since 2006 with the aim to make easier for students to commence and develop their self-dependent business. From 2013 on, students can not only register the domicile of new business ideas as the legal address of their company, work in it, organise meetings and keep documents, but also perfect the services offered by their companies, more tightly connect their entrepreneurial operations with the study process and increase marketing and publicity activities. 




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