What do spectators of Rally Sarma 2022 need to know?

On February 12, after a two-year break, the Gulbene region will be taken over again by the atmosphere of an international winter rally. Ninety crews with athletes from eleven countries will come to the rally. The fight for Rally Sarma 2022 victory will be very tight and fierce. Although the list of competitors is very international, Latvian rally fans will also have something to keep their fingers crossed, because the list includes such Latvian motorsport stars as Mārtiņš Sesks, Edijs Bergmanis, Jānis Vorobjovs, Ralfs Sirmacis, Ivo Ķilpis, Matīss Mežaks and the others! However, spectators must pay particular attention to the epidemiological requirements and comply with them in order to protect their own and fellows health, and make sure that the trust in the honour and common sense of the rally spectators does not turn out to be a mistake.

Who can attend the rally?

Spectators were only allowed with condition that the rally will run in green mode and in strict compliance with epidemiological requirements. This means that rally tickets must be personalized and spectators must present a Covid-19 vaccination or recovery certificate as well as an identity document. Only children under the age of 12 are allowed to attend the rally without a Covid-19 certificate. As all these documents will be checked and scanned at ticket control points, spectators must foresee additional time for this, as well as prepare all listed documents in a timely manner so that controls can run smoothly without queuing. Therefore, printed rally tickets are recommended. Upon arrival at ticket control points, appropriate face masks must be worn and a distance of 2m between households or passengers of different cars must be kept. The capacity of the spectator areas is limited and the staff of the ticket control points may deny access to any of the spectator areas where the maximum number of spectators has been reached.

Epidemiological requirements

Due to the requirements, spectators must take into account that close contact between competitors and spectators is strictly prohibited, so spectators will not have access to the rally centre or service park, as well spectators may not approach the start and finish areas of the special stages. Therefore, to access the spectator points, the appropriate driveways shown on the maps published in the spectator guide must be used. Spectators have to keep a distance of 2 meters between households or passengers of different cars. It is mandatory to use face masks when you need to help a rally car off the road.

Maps and descriptions of special stages

Maps of special stages can be downloaded from the website www.autorally.lv. Spectator’s guide is suitable for both printing and uses on smartphones. All spectator areas have a waypoint image and pre-prepared Waze and Google Maps routes that can be accessed by scanning or clicking on a QR code. Although the routes are designed so as not to cross the special stage, please make sure that no errors have occurred.

The sequence of the rally

Safety cars, or so-called "0" crews, will go on the track before the rally cars. Rally cars will follow them in the order of the start numbers. Competitors of rallysprint will not start in the last two special stages. The list of rally participants and the results of the special stages will be available on the website www.autorally.lv

The most important things about safety

The winter rally is especially dynamic and it must be taken into account by the spectators. Please remember that you must always follow the instructions of the safety staff, do not cross the track and turn your back to the rally cars during the race - always keep every rally car in sight. When helping a rally car off the road, never lift or push the car behind the wheel arches, as the studs of sports tires can cause significant injuries. Viewers should remember that after the end of the special stage, the road is only open when it has been done by a safety crew with a green light.


Rally Sarma 2022 tickets can be purchased in limited quantities on the online ticket sales platform eKase.lv. Tickets are only available in advance and will not be available at ticket control points or Rally HQ. This solution has been introduced to provide personalized tickets, control people in the spectator areas, and minimize contact with rally staff. Rally tickets price is 10.00 €, while children under the age of twelve, as well as disabled people of groups 1 and 2 - 1.00 €, certificate must be presented at ticket control points.

Social Networks

All rally fans are invited to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to announce what they have seen. However, in order for the message to reach all recipients, it is advisable to add @RallySarma and #RallySarma to the rally-related messages.

Spectators enjoy the joys of the winter rally, Gulbene, Latvia.2022
Spectators enjoy the joys of the winter rally, Gulbene, Latvia.2022


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