Bogs worth visiting in Latvia

If you are looking for an unusual landscape and longing for silence, head to one of Latvia’s bogs. While in some European countries natural bogs have almost disappeared, you will be able to enjoy walks full of silence in pristine bogs in Latvia.

Dunika Bog

Take a walk along the longest bog footbridge path in Europe. Dunika bog footbridge 6 km in length stretches over Tīrspurvs bog until almost one and a half century old hornbeam stand – the only hornbeam pure stand in Latvia. It gives very primordial and untypical atmosphere to the landscape of Dunika bog.

Ķemeri Bog

The 3 km long, Ķemeri Moorland footbridge allows you to explore a raised moss marsh untouched by human activity at Ķemeri National Park.

A maze of elongated small lakes makes the bog to be one of the most picturesque places in Latvia.

Stiklu Bog (Glass Bog)

Vasenieki Marsh Trail in "Stiklu purvi" nature reserve leads through a natural moss bog. You will also see the drained part of the marsh - land amelioration ditches were dug during the Soviet times, but now dams have been built on them to hold up the water and let the marsh regain its characteristic moisture and look.

Cena Moorland

A few kilometers long footpath in Cena Moorland leads through a typical bog landscape, revealing a wonderfully beautiful view to the bog lake at the end. At the beginning of the trail, you can see drained and cultivated peat fields where peat is still mined for industrial purposes.

Teirumnieki Bog Trail

Teirumnieki bog trail lets you explore cranberries, sundews, horsetails and other plants. It is especially beautiful in May when the bog is covered in white and fragrant flowers. In the midst of the bog, you can find the little Teirumnieku Lake where to get refreshed on a hot summer day.

Please be reminded that the safest way to move in a bog is by using footpaths. Be careful – especially close to bog pools and puddles.


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