Tourism in the World




Australia/ Oceania




o Dubai (Dubai, Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing)

· ARMENIA (Armenia Tourism Development Agency's)

· BHUTAN (Department of Tourism, Bhutan)

· CHINA (China National Tourist Office)

o Hong Kong (Hong Kong Tourism Board)

· INDIA (Department of Tourism Ministry of Tourism and Culture)

· INDONESIA (Indonesian Tourist Promotion Office)

· IRAN (Iran Tourism and Touring Organization)

· ISRAEL (Israel Ministry of Tourism)

· JAPAN (Japan National Tourist Organization)

o Tokyo (Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau)

o Osaka (Osaka Convention Bureau)

· YEMEN (Yemen Tourism Promotion Board)

· JORDAN (Jordan Tourism Board)

· CAMBODIA (Ministry of Tourism Cambodia)

· KOREA (Korea National Tourism Office)

· QATAR (Qatar Tourism Authority)

· LAOS (Laos Inter-Lao Tourism)

· MACAU (Macau Government Tourist Office)

· MALAYSIA (Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board)

· MALDIVES (Maldives Tourism Promotion Board)

· MONGOLIA (Mongolian Tourism Board)

· NEPAL (Nepal Tourism Board)

· PAKISTAN (Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation)

· PHILIPPINES (Philippines Department of Tourism)

· SAUDI ARABIA (The Supreme Commission for Tourism, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

· SINGAPORE (Singapore Tourism Board)

· SYRIA (Ministry Of Tourism Syria)

· SRI LANKA (Sri Lanka Tourist Board)

· SOUTH KOREA (Korea National Tourism Organization)

· TAIWAN (Taiwan Tourism Bureau)

· THAILAND (The Tourism Authority of Thailand)

· UZBEKISTAN (National Company "Uzbektourism")



· ANGUILLA (UNITED KINGDOM) (Anguilla Tourist Board)

· ANTIGUA UND BARBADOS (Antigua & Barbuda Department of Tourism & Trade)

· ARGENTINA (Secretariat of Tourism Argentina)

· ARUBA (NETHERLANDS) (Aruba Tourism Authority)


o Alabama (Alabama Bureau of Tourism & Travel)

o Alaska (Alaska Travel Industry Association)

o Arizona (Arizona Office of Tourism)

o Arkansas (Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism)

o California (California Division of Tourism)

o Colorado (Colorado Office of Tourism)

o Connecticut (Connecticut Tourism)

o Delaware (Delaware Tourism Office)

o Florida (Visit Florida, Inc)

o Georgia (Georgia Department of Industry Trade & Tourism)

o Hawaii (Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau)

o Idaho (Idaho Division of Tourism Development)

o Illinois (Illinois Bureau of Tourism)

o Indiana (Indiana Department of Tourism)

o Kentucky (Kentucky Department of Travel)

o Louisiana (Louisiana Office of Tourism)

o Massachusetts (Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism)

o Main (Maine Office of Tourism)

o Maryland (Maryland Office of Tourism Development)

o Michigan (Travel Michigan)

o Minnesota (Minnesota Office of Tourism)

o Missouri (Missouri Division of Tourism)

o Montana (Travel Montana)

o Nebraska (Nebraska Division of Tourism)

o Nevada (Nevada Commission on Tourism)

o New Hampshire (New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism Development)

o New Jersey (New Jersey Travel and Tourism)

o New Mexico (New Mexico Department of Tourism)

o New York (New York Travel and Tourism)

o North Dakota (North Dakota Department of Commerce, Tourism Division)

o North Carolina (North Carolina Travel and Tourism)

o Ohio (Ohio Division of Travel and Tourism)

o Oklahoma (Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department)

o Oregon (Oregon Tourist Commission)

o Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania Travel and Tourism)

o Rhode Island (Rhode Island Tourism Division)

o South Carolina (South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism)

o South-Dakota (South Dakota Department of Tourism and State Development)

o Tennessee (Tennessee Department of Tourist Development)

o Texas (Texas Tourism Division)

o Utah (Utah Travel Council)

o Vermont (Department of Tourism and Marketing)

o Virginia (Virginia Tourism Corporation)

o Washington (Washington State Tourism, Department of Community, Trade and Economic Development)

o West Virginia (West Virginia Division of Tourism)

o Wisconsin (Wisconsin Department of Tourism)

o Wyoming (Wyoming Division of Tourism)

· BAHAMAS (The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism)

· BARBADOS (The Barbados Tourism Encyclopaedia)

· BELIZE (Belize Tourism Board)

o BELIZE (Belize Tourism Board)

· BERMUDA (Bermuda Department of Tourism)

· BONAIRE/Netherlands Colony (Tourism Corporation Bonaire)

· BRASILIA (Brasileiro do Turismo)

o Rio de Janeiro (Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau)

· BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS/ British Colony (British Virgin Islands Tourist Board)

· CHILE (Chile National Tourism Board of Chile SERNATUR)

· Costa Rica (Costa Rica National Tourist Bureau)

· CURACAO/ Netherlands Colony (Curacao Tourist Board)

· DOMINICA (Dominica Tourist Board)

· DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (Dominican Republic Tourist Office)

· ECUADOR (Ministerio de Turismo del Ecuador)

· EL SALVADOR (Corporación Salvadoreña de Turismo)

· FALKLAND ISLANDS (Falkland Islands Tourist Board)

· JAMAICA (Jamaica Tourist Board)

· GRENADA (Grenada Board of Tourism)

· HAITI (Haiti Tourism)

· CANADA (Canadian Tourism Commission)

o Alberta (Travel Alberta)

o British Columbia (Tourism British Columbia)

o Canada’s Artic (Nunavut Tourism)

o Calgary (Tourism Calgary)

o Edmonton (Edmonton Tourism)

o London (London Tourism)

o Manitoba (Travel Manitoba)

o New Brunswick (Tourism New Brunswick)

o Newfoundland (Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism)

o Northern Frontier Visitors Association (Northern Frontier Visitors Association)

o Northwest Territories Arctic (Northwest Territories Arctic Tourism)

o Nova Scotia (Nova Scotia Department of Tourism and Culture)

o Ontario (Ontario Travel)

o Prince Edward Islands (Tourism Prince Edward Island)

o Quebec (Tourism Québec)

o Saskatchewan (Tourism Saskatchewan)

o Toronto (Toronto Convention & Visitors Association/Tourism Toronto)

o Winnipeg (Destination Winnipeg)

o Yukon (Tourism Yukon)

· CAYMAN ISLANDS (Cayman Islands Department of Tourism)

· CUBA (Cuban Portal of Tourism)

· MARTINIQUE (France) (Martinique Promotion Bureau)

· MEXICO (Mexico Tourism Board)

· MONTSERRAT (United Kingdom) (Montserrat Tourist Board)

· ST. KITTS UND NEVIS (St. Kitts Tourism Authority)


· EGYPT (Egyptian Ministry of Tourism)

o Egypt Information (Egyptian Tourism Network)

o Hurghada (Hurghada "One Stop Agency")

· BOTSWANA (Department of Tourism)

· DJIBOUTI (Office National du Tourisme de Djibouti)

· ETHIOPIA (Embassy of Ethiopia, Washington)

· GAMBIA (Gambias Turistbyrå)

· GHANA (Ghana Tourist Board)

· KENYA (Kenya Tourist Board)

· MOROCCO (Moroccan National Tourist Office)

· MAURITIUS (Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority)

· MOZAMBIQUE (Embassy of Mozambique)

· SENEGAL (Senegal Tourism Office)

· SEYCHELLES (Seychelles Tourist Office)

· SOUTH AFRICA (South African Tourism)

· TANZANIA (Tanzania Tourist Board)

· TUNISIA (The Tunisian National Tourism Office)

· UGANDA (Uganda Tourist Board)

· ZAMBIA (Zambia National Tourist Board)

· ZIMBABWE (Zimbabwe Tourist Authority)




· AUSTRALIA (Australian Tourist Commission)

o Canberra (Australia Capital Tourism Corporation)

o New South Wales (Tourism New South Wales)

o Northern Territory Tourist Commission (About NTTC: Official webpage of Northern Territory Tourist Commission)

o Northern Territory (Welcome to Northern Territory: Official webpage of Northern Territory Tourist Commission)

o Queensland (Tourism Queensland)

o SOUTH-AUSTRALIA (South Australian Tourism Commission)

o Tasmania (Tourism Tasmania)

o Victoria (Tourism Victoria)

· COOK ISLANDS (Cook Islands Tourism Corporation)

· FIJI ISLAND (Fiji Visitors Bureau)

· NEW ZEALAND (Tourism New Zealand)

· MICRONESIA (USA) (The Federated States of Micronesia Visitors Board)

· NIUE (New Zealand) (Niue Island Tourism Office)

· PAPUA NEW GUINEA (Embassy of Papua New Guinea)

· SAMOA (American Samoa Government Department of Commerce Office of Tourism)

· TAHITI (Tahiti Tourist Promotion Board)

· VANUATU (The National Tourism Office of Vanuatu)



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